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He is your idol. You love Cristiano Ronaldo more than anything. You know his greatest successes and defeats? You know everything about him? Then test yourself now!

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How well do you know Cristiano Ronaldo?

Do you know Selin Ronaldo?

Do you know Selin Ronaldo?


How much do you know about CR7


Cristiano Ronaldo



Selin Ronaldo Quiz

Comments (22)


1190 days ago
CR7 you are my favourite player and you always the best
1190 days ago
CR7 you are my favourite player.
1237 days ago
1249 days ago
Messi is better than cr7 but he is pretty good
1253 days ago
ronaldo for lifei love ronaldo
1269 days ago
Cristiano has to move back to Madrid. Hala Madrid are losing.
1269 days ago
Cristiano is my friend
1288 days ago
I am so happy ronaldo changed to Juventus. That is my favorite team. Cristiano ronaldo is a god.
1418 days ago
My favourite player is CR7
1433 days ago
Cristiano Cristiano Cristiano....
He is an unbelievable striker for Juventus FC.
Has to be the goat and what a goal machine this 33 year old is!

#finoall afine
1440 days ago
He is a merciless attacker, and who is stingier messi always goes alone while Ronaldo looks to pass Go CR7๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™
1440 days ago
CR7 ain't a goat he's the best in the world so . People might say messi is a magician that doesn't give him a right to disappear in the World Cup . GO CR7
1482 days ago
I love Ronaldo !!! He is the goat and the man is a machine!!!!!
1483 days ago
I love Cristiano Ronaldo beucase he is the best and respectful and he is hot
1517 days ago
I love Cristiano Ronaldo is really handsome and a good guy
1542 days ago
Ronaldo is the best in world he's better then Lionel Messi In my book Messi is a little flea and Ronaldo Most goal scoring record none will beat But it doesn't matter if he's out of the world cup in Russia
1580 days ago
True boi cr7 the goat ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘‘
1587 days ago
Ronaldo is the best I love him he is to good for Real Madrid hid days in Manchester u were great the Ronaldo cam to shine off in laliga give him a round of aplzzo I hope Ronaldo sees this I really love Christian Ronaldo[CR7]
1594 days ago
I'm a Ronaldo super fan he is a handsome guy
1713 days ago
Well i like cristiano ronaldo's shoes infact im a real madrid fan and manchester united because ronaldo played well