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Everyone loves their football team, of course. But Barcelonistas know their team is especially special. Now, we don't want to give away any test answers, but there are some pretty cool things about FC Barcelona to talk about. Their motto, "Més que un club" is right on the money. (That means, "More than a club," if you don't speak espanol.)
Unlike many other football clubs, the supporters own and operate Barcelona. It is the fourth-most valuable sports team in the world, worth $4.06 billion, and the world's second-richest football club in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of €690.4 million. As always, money talks, and these numbers say a LOT.
When your stadium regularly fills up with 99,354 happy fans, as a club, you know you're loved. Do you love FC Barcelona? Take our quizzes now! From a self-proclaimed "Super Quiz" to the expected, "Are You a True Fan?" type of tests, we invite you to try them all. We hope you enjoy your time here! By the way, if you're a huge fan with lots of Barça knowledge on the brain, we'd love for you to create your own test!

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