What Sport are you?

You voted, you took too long, I chose. The power is rushing to my head... Mad! MAD with power! Mwahahahahah! (*Happy thoughts*Happy thoughts*) Anyway, do the quiz, et postez vos resultats! Agent C

Question 1:You're in a new city, driving in a car, trying to find a friend's house. You're also totally and completely lost, but the good news is you're downtown. What do you do?
Pull into a newsstand and buy a map
Pull over and ask a pedestrian for directions
Keep driving. I'll get there eventually.
Break down and Cry
Pull into a newsstand and ask for directions

Question 2:You go through a door clearly labeled as "Please close behind you." How do you close it?
Go through, and pull it shut with your foot behind you
Go through, keeping a hand on the door itself to pull it shut
Go through, but grab the handle behind you without turning around
Go through, but turn around and pull it shut by the handle
Go through, and with one hand 4/5 of the way up, pull it shut as quietly as possible

Question 3:What do you do first in the morning?
Thump the alarm
Use the bathroom (Brush teeth, mouthwash, NOT shower just yet)
Do my exercises
Put on the coffee maker/Kettle

Question 4:I pass you a note saying "Find me a Bass" What do you go looking for?
A singer
A fish
A string instrument
A telephone book
Why am I doing your work for you?

Question 5:Who do you identify with more?
Your pet fish
Your co-workers
The Prime Minister/President
Your Mayor
Your friends

Question 6:Finish this sentence: "I cry most during..."
Sad Movies
Long-Distance commercials
Sad Songs
Cry? Me?

Question 7:How do you vote?
I don't.
I vote a party ticket down the line
I look at the candidates in my riding and vote based on that
I've always voted the same way, so have my parents, etc.
I pick one at random

Question 8:My position on the major moral issues (Cloning, Abortion, etc.) is...
Something I still think over and change every now and again
Something I take pride in (I've already decided)
Fixed and cast in stone
Like the tides. Always changing.
Something I've decided on, but I'm willing to change, should the right argument appear

Question 9:Meat is...
Something I avoid
An essential part of a good diet
Something I enjoy
Something I'm trying to cut back on

Question 10:The Italian Smartcar is...
Interesting, new ideas interest me
An essential for any driveway
A creation of the far-left
Climate-change technology

This Quiz has been designed by Vive Murray.