Are You A Swimmer?

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Do you think you're the expert when it comes to anything swim related? Do you think you can ace this test? Well, let's find out!

I have gathered ten questions and used advice from my coaches to provide the ultimate swimmers test!

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    You are standing behind the blocks, and the crowd goes silent as five whistles pierce the air. This means to "step up."
  • 2
    When you are doing a flip turn in a LCM race, this means you have completed a 25.
  • 3
    All stroke races have one or more dolphin kick(s) included, when doing this race professionally.

  • 4
    On the backstroke - to - breaststroke turn, if you do a "suicide turn," you turn backwards.
  • 5
    Three short whistles signal for you to climb up on the blocks.
  • 6
    Lane one is reserved for the fastest swimmer in your heat, and lane eight is where the slowest swimmer is.

  • 7
    The order of an individual medley is butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke.
  • 8
    It is legal for a swimmer to touch with one hand during a butterfly turn, as long as they do it correctly.
  • 9
    A 'short course' pool is approximately 25 yards in length. A 'long course' pool is approximately 50 yards.
  • 10
    It is alright for a swimmer to apply any breathing pattern that they would like in freestyle and butterfly.

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584 days ago
This quiz is not correct! It says I got 7/10, and I am POSITIVE I got 10/10!!!
1030 days ago
This person obviously is not a competetive swimmer like us. Who can do a 100 IM in 1:15 and is ELEVEN YEARS OLD???me, but PROBABLY NOT THIS QUIZ CREATOR I BET!!
1186 days ago
But i am already a whiz!😫 I came fourth in nationals so yeah...
1342 days ago
I am a professional swimmer and guess what all those questions were wrong