WWE Quiz
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WWE Quiz

This is a quiz based solely on WWE/WWF History. See how much of a fan u really are. Some WILL find this easy, others will find it hard.

Question 1:Why were HBK and Diesel stripped of the Tag Team Titles the night after In Your House 3?
They hit Owen with a chair therefore cheated to win
They hit Bulldog with a chair and therefore cheated to win
Both teams shoulders were down and they were shown, in a replay to have their shoulders down first
Sid chokeslammed Owen behind the referee's back
They pinned the illegal man in the match

Question 2:Which show was renamed WWF Monday Night Raw In 1993?
All American Wrestling
WWF Superstars
Prime Time Wrestling
Wrestling Challenge
Saturday Night's Main Event

Question 3:Who interfered in the Intercontinental Title match at Royal Rumble 1994?
Owen Hart
Bret Hart
Bob Backlund
Shawn Michaels

Question 4:What year did Razor Ramon debuting the WWF?

Question 5:What was Shawn Michaels' first Finishing move in his Solo career?
Side Suplex
Sweet Chin Music
Dropkick from the top rope
Elbow From The Top Rope
German Suplex

Question 6:What was the 2nd WWF PPV to be created out of the Big Five?
Royal Rumble
King Of The Ring
Survivor Series

Question 7:Who was Bret Hart facing when he broke his sternum?
Razor Ramon
Dino Bravo
Shawn Michaels
Mr Perfect

Question 8:What year did WWF Change its name from WWWF?

Question 9:Which of these was not a segment on WWF TV?
Piper's Pit
Snake Pit
The Barbor Shop
King's Castle
Heartbreak Hotel

Question 10:Who won the Tag Titles 1 night before Summerslam 1994?
Smoking Guns
Shawn and Diesel
Owen and Yoko

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