Are you a TRUE JerichoHolic?
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Are you a TRUE JerichoHolic?

So, you think you know Y2J, eh? Think again. Test your knowledge of The Living Legend with the greatest quiz eeeeeever!!

Question 1:Chris was born in which of the following cities?
New York
Hong Kong

Question 2:He was raised in what country, eh?

Question 3:His debut in the WWE was...
August 8th 1999
November 2nd 1999
May 8th 1999
September 11th 1999
July 29th 1999

Question 4:For pets, he keeps:
Three fish
Five Mice
Two ferrets
One cougar
Four dogs

Question 5:Jericho was the first eeever...
Undisputed Champion
WWE Champion
Hardcore Champion
Tag-Team Champion
Intercontinental Champion

Question 6:When Y2J first arrived in the WWF, who's promo did he interrupt?
The Undertaker
The Rock
Chris Benoit
Tripple H

Question 7:I will fight Chris Benoit on a boat.. I will fight Chris Benoit with a goat.. I will fight Benoit when the score is tied.. I will fight him....
While he's surfing the tides
On a rollercoaster ride
As a blushing bride
On a trip to the "other" side
No I won't fight him, I lied

Question 8:One of these IS a name Jericho chose for his pet. Which one is it?
Saucy Jack

Question 9:Who was Chris facing at WMX8?
Tripple H
The Rock
Hulk Hogan
The Undertaker
Ric Flair

Question 10:Jericho calls himself alot of things, but NOT one of these...
The Living Legend
The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla
The Great One

Question 11:One of these ISN'T a Jericho catch-phrase...
I am that damn good
Welcome to Raw is Jericho
Would you please, shut the h*ll up?
You are a dirty, filthy, disgusting, skanky, bottom-feeding, bargain basement, trash bag, HO

Question 12:I love Jericho because...
He is a great wrestler
He is great on the mic.
He is gorgeous
All of the above
He loves me =D

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