Davio's WWE/WWF Trivia
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Davio's WWE/WWF Trivia

If you get these right than you really need to get a hobby.... lol, just kidding.

Question 1:Who won the 1992 King Of The Ring
There was no 1992 King Of The Ring moron!
Macho Man Randy Savage
Bret Hart
Mr. Perfect

Question 2:Who did Shawn Michaels defeat on the very first edition of Monday Night Raw?
Owen Hart
Max Moon
A jobber
The 1-2-3 Kid

Question 3:Who did Kurt Angle face in his very first WWE match on Pay Per View and what Pay Per View was it?
Steve Blackman, Armageddon 1999
Al Snow, Judgment Day 1998
Tazz, Royal Rumble 2000
Shawn Stasiak, Survivor Series 1999

Question 4:Who did Shawn Michaels defeat for his first Intercontinental Title and at what event was it?
Bret Hart, Survivor Series 1992
Rick Martel, Summerslam 1992
Marty Janetty, Monday Night Raw
British Bulldog, last Saturday Nights Main Event

Question 5:(Lets see if you've been watching WWE lately) Who did Vince McMahon say that he would replace Eric Bischoff with if Bischoff did not meet up to McMahon's standards?
Mick Foley
Shane McMahon
Linda McMahon

Question 6:What was the main event for In Your House: International Incident?
Shawn Michaels vs British Bulldog
Shawn Michaels vs Vader
Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart
Owen Hart, British Bulldog & Vader vs Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson & Sycho Sid

Question 7:Who was Shawn Michaels originally supposed to face at Summerslam 1995?
Bret Hart

Question 8:Who did Diesel face at the first ever In Your House pay per view?
Shawn Michaels
Razor Ramon
Jeff Jarrett

Question 9:Who did The Iron Sheik defeat for the WWE World Title and how did it happen?
Bob Backlund, Backlunds manager threw in the towel
Hulk Hogan, Submission to the Camel Clutch
Randy Savage, interference
Andre The Giant, Sheik uses the Iran flag

Question 10:Who beat Stone Cold Steve Austin at King of the Ring 1998 and how did he win?
Undertaker, Shane McMahon helped him
Mankind, he used the Mandible Claw
Kane, Undertaker came in and hit Austin with a chair
The Rock, he used the Rock Bottom

Question 11:What happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin after he did not referee the match between Kane Undertaker at Judgment Day 1998 fairly?
Kane and Undertaker both attacked him
Mr. McMahon fired him
Nothing happened, he left
Mr McMahon attacked him

Question 12:What was the reason that WWE gave for overturning the Rockers WWE Tag Title win over the Hart Foundation?
The Rockers used a foreign object
The ring ropes broke
There was outside interference
The legal man was not pinned

Question 13:Which one of these teams did Sunny not manage?
None of the above
The Smoking Gunns
The Bodydonnas
The Godwinns

Question 14:What was the gimmick that Dan Spivey was given when he came into the WWE?
The Repo Man
The Executioner
Waylon Mercy

Question 15:Who did Ted Dibiase face in his last Pay Per View match and what event was it?
1-2-3 Kid, Royal Rumble 1994
Razor Ramon, Summerslam 1992
Mr. Perfect, Survivor Series 1993
Razor Ramon, Summerslam 1993

Question 16:Who is the only person to unify both the WWE and WCW World Titles?
Ric Flair
Chris Jericho
Buddy Rogers
Larry Zbyszko

Question 17:Of these men who has not gone by the nickname The Nature Boy?
Ric Flair
Buddy Rogers
Tommy Rich
Buddy Landell

Question 18:When ECW invaded RAW which one of these ECW superstars was not on the show?
Shane Douglas
Tommy Dreamer

Question 19:Which of these wrestlers has not held the WWE Tag Titles with Kane?
The Hurricane
The Big Show
The Undertaker

Question 20:Who is the only man to wrestle in the opening match at three consecutive Wrestlemanias?
Tito Santana
The British Bulldog
Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels

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