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Question 1:Why did Jeff Hardy leave?
He went on tour with his band
He married his girlfriend Beth
He just wanted some time off
Shane O Mac and Goldberg found drugs in his bag

Question 2:Which of the following WWE superstars has NOT died this year?
Miss Elizabeth
Classie Freddie Blassie
Bret Hart
Mr. Perfect

Question 3:What two men sent Stephanie McMahon flowers, much to her fathers dismay?
Eric Bishoff and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Triple H and Test
Hulk Hogan and Mr. America
Kurt Angel and Brock Lesnar

Question 4:Who interfered in the Hogan/McMahon match at Wrestle Mania 19?
Zach Gowan
Jerry "The King" Lawler
Macho Man Randy Savage
Rowdy Roddy Piper

Question 5:In reference to the above question, who came out at the end of the match?
Shane O Mac
Eric Bishoff
Zach Gowan

Question 6:How many times did the lie detector go off before Vinny Mac finally told the truth about him and his Torrie Wilson Playboy?

Question 7:At the Raw tenth anniversary special, what did The Rock tell Stephanie McMahon to blow instead of the pool boy?
The Rock
The birthday candles
Eric Bishoff
Her Money

Question 8:How did 80 year old May Young end up in the hospital?
Big Show gave her the Choke Slam
Triple H gave her the Pedigree
Scott Steiner gave her the Steiner Recliner
Test gave her the Pumphandle Slam

Question 9:In a recent interview, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was asked who he thought the next big WWE manager would be. What was his response?
Paul Heyman
Shane O Mac
Macho Man Randy Savage

Question 10:And finally, at WWE Invasion, what did Shane tell Stephanie not to say again because it sounded stupid?
I'm going to kick your tiny ass dad!!
Damn, we're going to loose!!
Nothing can stop this invasion, no act of GOD!!
What the hell Shane, get some fashion sense will yah!!

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