Are You A True Wrestling Fan?
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Are You A True Wrestling Fan?

This test will be for those fans who have been watching wrestling before Austin became world champ. Enter at your own risk!

Question 1:   Who was RVD's first opponent on Raw during the ECW invasion?
Matt Hardy
Spike Dudley
Jeff Hardy

Question 2:   Which name out of the ones below has Kevin Nash NOT wrestled as?
Diamond Studd
Vinnie Vegas

Question 3:   Who were the actual members of the Triple Threat?
Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, and Lance Storm
Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas, Francine, Tammy Sytch
Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Shane Douglas

Question 4:   Which wrestler out of the 4 below was NEVER part of the Four Horsemen?
Sid Vicious
David Flair
Chris Benoit

Question 5:   Which wrestler is not married IN REAL LIFE?
Chris Jericho
Matt Hardy

Question 6:   Who did Undertaker pin to gain his first WrestleMania win?
King Kong Bundy
Kevin Nash
Ric Flair
Jimmy Snuka

Question 7:   What is the correct order in which Stephanie McMahon's possible husbands' have shown up on Raw in order by year for their wedding?
Test and HHH
HHH alone
Test alone
Undertaker, Andrew Martin, Triple H

Question 8:   In which city did Austin confront Mike Tyson before WrestleMania XIV?
Houston, TX
Fresno, CA
San Jose, CA
New York City

Question 9:   Which of these wrestlers has never been in WCW or ECW?
Mick Foley
Shawn Michaels
Steve Austin

Question 10:   How Many times has Ric Flair really won the world title in both NWA/WCW and WWF/E? (as of the end of 2002)

Question 11:   Which duo has never won WWF/E tag title gold?
Jericho and Rock
Rico and Rikishi
Rock and Austin
Undertaker and Rock

Question 12:   Which of the following dates has there never been a WrestleMania on?
March 27
April 1
March 24
March 23

Question 13:   Who held the Hardcore title last before it was retired?
Crash Holly
Steven Richards
Shawn Stasiak
Tommy Dreamer

Question 14:   Which of these wrestlers have not been in a movie?
John Cena

Question 15:   Easy question: who bought WCW?
Vince McMahon
Shane McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Linda McMahon

Question 16:   Which member of Team Xtreme first won singles title gold in WWF?
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy

Question 17:   What was NOT the name of a group in WCW?
new blood
Triple Threat
Natural Born Thrillers

Question 18:   When did Brock Lesnar debut on Raw?
day after No Way Out
day after Royal Rumble
day after WrestleMania X8

Question 19:   Which group was Hurricane formerly a part of?
Natural Born Thrillers
New Blood

Question 20:   Lastly, which out of the 5 wrestlers is still alive?
Ted DiBiase
Crash Holly
Rick Rude
Owen Hart
British Bulldog

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