Do you know the real names of wrestlers?
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Do you know the real names of wrestlers?

Do you know the real names of wrestlers? Find out now!

Question 1:   What is The Undertaker's real name?
Sam Johnson
Dustin Runnels
Mark Calloway

Question 2:   What is Kane's real name?
Rob Sztowski
Steve Johnson
Glenn Jacobs

Question 3:   What is Stone Cold Steve Austin's real name?
Billy Kidman
Billy Gunn
Steve Williams

Question 4:   What is Billy Gunn's real name?
Monty Sopp
Mark Calloway

Question 5:   What is Farrooq's real name?
Jason Eklund
Edward Rupp
Ron Simmons

Question 6:   What is Trish Stratus' real name?
Molly Holly
Trish Stratigus

Question 7:   What is Chris Jericho's real name?
Ted DiBiase
Chris Irvine

Question 8:   What it Bradshaw's real name?
Thomas Butts
Jeremiah Johnson
John Layfield

Question 9:   What is Triple H's real name?
Sean Waltman
Jerry Lawler
Paul Levesque

Question 10:   What is Shawn Michaels' real name?
Michael Michaels
Shawn Michaels
Michael Hickenbottom

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