Are You The WWE Guru?
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Are You The WWE Guru?

Think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about WWE and its wrestlers? Today I have thrown in some easy questions and some significantly harder ones... good luck!

Question 1:   Who is the newest couple of WWE?
Trish Stratus and Christian
Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho
Molly Holly and Hardcore Holly
Renee Dupree and Victoria
John Cena and Stacy Keibler

Question 2:   What is Christian's real name?
Jason Reso
John Landrum
Allen Smith
Eugine Lavigne
Christian... duh!

Question 3:   What is Mick Foley's middle name?

Question 4:   Glen Jacobs is...
Triple H
The Rock
Chris Jericho

Question 5:   Solofa Fatu is the quite *ironic* name for which wrestler?
Big Show

Question 6:   In WCW, Eddie Guerrero was called...
Edward Guerrero
Ed Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero
Edna Guerrero
Eddy Guerrero

Question 7:   What two green armcuffs were worn by John Cena at WrestleMania XX?
Baby Bop
1up mushroom
Flippy (Happy Tree Friends)

Question 8:   Why did WWE change its name from WWF?
They thought WWF looked gay.
The World Wildlife Foundation got onto them.
They thought the logo for WWF looked gay.
They just did... no reason.
Because Stone Cold said so!

Question 9:   HBK stands for...
Hogan Bites Kane
Heartbreak Kid
Hold Betty's Kool-Aid
Hitting on Big Kids
It's another one of WWE's acronyms, just like WWF was.

Question 10:   How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
If the lead singer of KISS were on WWE, it would probably just be one the way his tongue sticks out like that...
If Stacy's tongue is like her legs, it would probably only be two or three... like on the commercials!
Who cares? I just wanna see Trish Stratus lick that thing!
What do Tootsie Pops have to do with wrestling? Wtf...

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