Which Wrestling Faction Do You Belong To?
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Which Wrestling Faction Do You Belong To?

Ever wondered which wrestling group/faction/stable you should be in? Perhaps it's S.E.X, The JOB Squad, DX, or Evolution... Take this test, and find out!

Question 1:   How many members are in your faction?
Six, and each of us are very important to the group.
Over ten, at least.
There's not an exact number, it often changes. There's never too many, never too less.
Four. We all have good looks, skill, and stamina.

Question 2:   What's the style of the faction?
We're pure evil. We're led by a calculating, vengeful leader.
We like to have a good time, and entertain people. This is all just one big game to us.
We're all nutty, and goofy- and do whatever the hell we like!
We have class, money, and talent. We rule the company.

Question 3:   What role do you play in the faction?
The hot chick- innocent enough to look at, but deadly if you get on the wrong side of me.
None of us have significant roles. We're all pretty much the same.
I'm the side-kick of the leader.
A foul-mouthed rebel, with no respect for anybody.

Question 4:   How are the relationships between the members of the faction?
We're a strong group, not to be messed with. Although, number one always comes first.
We're not friends, we've just aligned ourselves with valuable allies.
We're close friends, who'd do anything for each other.
We're all out for ourselves. We hardly have any interaction with each other.

Question 5:   Would you make a good leader?
I don't know... I don't know anything.
No, there is no leader of our group, anyway.
No, I worship my current leader. He'll lead me to what I want.
I practically am the leader! I'm just waiting for my chance to screw over the competition...

Question 6:   What is the faction's theme song?
A good rock track.
Something that says who we are, and what kind of attitude we have.
Something totally bizarre, like something you'd hear in an old people's cafe!
Something rock/rap, fun, and wild!

Question 7:   Someone wants to join your faction. What do you say?
The more, the merrier!
They'd have to pass a series of tests for us to trust them more...
No- close friends ONLY!
I dunno why they'd wanna join. They could do better!

Question 8:   Your leader is being attacked by another faction. What do you do?
Get straight to the scene, and begin fighting off the opponents!
Stand back and watch. Am I meant to help?
Our army of members would be straight in to help before it got too bad.
Urgh, puh-lease! We'd never be attacked... we are the attackers.

Question 9:   The time has come for the faction to split up. How does it happen?
I screw over the group.
We all go off on our own- we split up a long time ago, really.
We have a sad, and emotional reunion before we head off on our own.
Our leader screws us all over

Question 10:   Lastly, which group do you WANT to belong to?
The Job Squad

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