The Rey Mysterio Junior Quiz

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Are you really an expert on the great pro-wrestler Rey Mysterio Junior?

  • 1
    How old was Rey when he started training to become a wrestler?
  • 2
    Who gave him the name Rey Mysterio Junior (after their own name)?
  • 3
    What is his birth name?

  • 4
    Where was he born?
  • 5
    What year was Rey born?
  • 6
    What name did Rey make his debut as, (hint: it was 1989 and he was facing Shamu in California)

  • 7
    What year did he join the WCW?
  • 8
    Who did Rey win against to get his first ever WCW Cruiser Weight Title?
  • 9
    Still in WCW, whom did Rey lose to in a 'hair vs mask' match that forced him to wrestle without his mask from then on?
  • 10
    What was the exact date that Rey came to WWE Smackdown on?

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