Wrestling main events of the past

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From the eighties and early nineties comes the quiz for you. Well, for anyone actually.

  • 1
    Who was it that Hulk Hogan beat to become world champion in the WWF for the first time?
  • 2
    The Main Event in WrestleMania 2 was Hulk Hogan against King Kong Bundy. Other than being for the world title, what was special about this match?
  • 3
    At SummerSlam '88, what was the tag team title match?

  • 4
    At the third annual Survivor Series, Roddy's Rowdies faced off against The Rude Brood. Who were the members of the Rude Brood?
  • 5
    At which main event did Hulk Hogan defend the world title against Macho Man Randy Savage?
  • 6
    In a best of 3 falls match for the tag titles at SummerSlam' 90, Hart Foundation defeated Demolition thanks to the interference of who?

  • 7
    When Hart Foundation subsequently lost the titles, Legion of Doom took the titles off of the new champions. Who were the temporary holders of the tag titles?
  • 8
    In the first King of the Ring, who did Hulk Hogan lose the world title to?
  • 9
    At WrestleMania 7, there a match type that had not been used in the federation previously. It was the blindfold match, which two wrestlers participated in the match?
  • 10
    Also at WrestlemMania 7, the Ultimate Warrior Had a career ending match, who with?

  • 11
    At WrestleMania 8, who did Undertaker finish a feud with?
  • 12
    The 4th Annual Survivor Series marked the first match that introduced the Undertaker. Who were his team-mates?
  • 13
    Back in WrestleMania 2, there was a boxing match. Who was it between?
  • 14
    At the 1990 Royal Rumble, there was a submission only match. Who was it between?
  • 15
    At WrestleMania 3, Rowy Roddy Piper announced that he was going to retire after his match. Who was he against?
  • 16
    Andre the Giant only ever entered 2 Royal Rumbles, 1989 and 1990. In the 1989 Royal Rumble he was self-eliminated after Jake Robert threw his snake in the ring. Who eliminated him in the 1990 Royal Rumble?

  • 17
    The 1994 Royal Rumble had a bit of a twist. 2 wrestlers were proclaimed the winners. Who were the 2 winners?
  • 18
    At SummerSlam '88, Honky Tonk Man was due to defend the intercontinental title against Brutus Beefcake. Brutus suffered an injury a week before and a replacement was sent to the match. Who was the replacement?
  • 19
    At WrestleMania 9, Money Inc.(Ted Dibiase and I.R.S) Had previously injured Brutus Beefcake. He was to return and face them with who as his partner?
  • 20
    Finally, at SummerSlam '89, Demolition Ax and Smash tagged up with Hacksaw King (Jim) Duggan to face which trio?

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