Wrestling Quiz, for the true Wrestling fan
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Wrestling Quiz, for the true Wrestling fan

Here is a quiz to see just how much you know about WWF, WCW/NWO, and ECW you know, I even tossed in a question or 2 about real wrestling (Ya know, like they do in High School and the Olympics) Test you knowledge and luck now

Question 1:What is the Undertaker's real name?
Mark Calloway
Joe Bazo
Glen Jacobs
Thomas Marshal

Question 2:What year did Kurt Angel win a gold medal in the Olympics?
Kurt who?

Question 3:What was Shawn Michael's finishing move?
The Rocker Dropper
Heartbreak Hotel
The Shawn-Kick
Who the hell is Shawn Michaels?
Sweet Chin Music

Question 4:Which of these WWF-style moves is illegal in HS wrestling?
fireman's carry
Swanton Bomb

Question 5:Which of these superstars was in all 3 federations (WWF, WCW, AND ECW)
Rob Van Dam
The Duddly Boyz
Bret Hart

Question 6:What two WWF superstars are tied for the record of most times winning the WWF Championship?
The Rock and HHH
Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart
The Undertaker and the Rock
Booker T and Hulk Hogan
Chris Benoit and the Undertaker

Question 7:What tag team 'created' the high-flying style?
The Hardy Boyz
The Rockers
Edge and Christian
Kane and X-pac
The Hart Foundation

Question 8:Who holds the record for most titles held in any/all federations?
Hulk Hogan
The Rock
The Undertaker
Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels

Question 9:Who is the only Grand Slam champion in WWF History (Holding all eligible titles at any time)
Kurt Angle
No one
Shawn Michaels
The Rock
Owen Hart

Question 10:True of False, there are submissions in HS style wrestling?
False, with exception
True, under curtain circumstances

Question 11:What is the most you can weigh in HS style wrestling to compete?
no limit
3 tons

Question 12:Which of the following superstars was NEVER a part of WCW?
Hulk Hogan
Sgt. Slaughter
Ultimate Warrior
Shane McMahon

Question 13:What was Hulk Hogan's finisher?
Immortal Leg-drop
Big Boot
the Stink Face
an Elbow Drop

Question 14:Who is known for this quote; 'Extreme is not a mood, it's a lifestyle.'
Shawn Michaels
Jimmy Hart
The Hardy Boyz
The One Man Gang

Question 15:Here's a hard one..... What is the time for quickest pin and who holds the record?
1;43 by The Rock
3:16 by Steve Austin
4 seconds by HHH
Enough time for a Chokeslam by the Undertaker
7 seconds by Marc Mero

This Quiz has been designed by Brian Michael.