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This is an extremely difficult logic test that requires minimal knowledge and absolutely no vocabulary! Highly enjoyable!

  • 1
    Five boxes, A through E, are stacked in descending alphabetical order. Box A is on top. The bottom three boxes are simultaneously removed and placed on top with their vertical order maintained. If this procedure were repeated two more times, which box would end up in the middle of the stack?
  • 2
    Half of all Looms are Spades, half of all Rims are Nobs, and half of all Rims are Spades. Considering the limited information above, which of the following could not be true?
  • 3
    A certain metallic cube has a red top, a green bottom, two yellow sides, and a blue front and back. A woman with magnetic boots standing on the red top face walks forward onto the front blue face, turns right and walks three faces, turns left and walks three faces, turns right and walks two faces, and turns to her left and walks one face. What color is the face on which she now stands?

  • 4
    One-fourth of X is one half of a number that, if quadrupled and added to X, would result in a number that is three times X. Which of the following numbers could not be X?
  • 5
    Three different springs bounce at different frequencies. Spring A bounces off the ground every 2 seconds; Spring B bounces every 5 seconds; and Spring C bounces every 9 seconds. The three springs leave the ground at the same time, and continue bouncing until eventually the three springs, one by one, bounce during a three consecutive second interval. Upon the second and third such intervals, respectively, which spring makes the third bounce?
  • 6
    There are five people of different heights. Allen is taller than Dale, who is shorter than Earl. Carla is shorter than Bill, but taller than Allen. Who is the third tallest person?

  • 7
    The small hand and the big hand of a clock are each pointing to twelve. The small hand moves clockwise two numbers every hour, while the big hand moves counterclockwise five numbers every hour. How long will it take until both hands point to the same number?
  • 8
    A satellite moving at a constant speed can or bit the moon once in eight hours. After each complete cycle, the satellite instantly reverses direction a quarter of the way back around the moon before immediately continuing forward again for another complete cycle. Beginning in the forward direction above a particular spot of the moon, how many hours does it take the satellite to orbit that spot three times?
  • 9
    A blanket with a width of 10 feet and a length of 15 feet is reduced in its perimeter by 6 feet. Assuming only whole number deductions can occur from any side, and the angle of each corner of the blanket must remain the same, what is the second-greatest surface area that could result?
  • 10
    If the time between now and 8 p.m. is three times longer than the time between now and the time that is an hour and a half before the hour that is exactly midway between now and 8 p.m., what time is it now?

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Lol i got 2 out of 10 clicking random
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it said im way baov eavergebut only got 3 right. bruhh
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PHUCK YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
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7 out of 10
Cool I didn't know I was that smart
2215 days ago
I know that I should prakdes more