Top 10 most dangerous dinosaurs

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We will talk about the most dangerous dinosaurs, are you ready let's go!

  • Place 10
    It might be small but it has a sharp claw that hurts so much, as it hides behind it didn't hunt in packs, but he will ambush, scary and fierce this is really fast, but not intelligent, it was very fierce, in fact its name means "fast thief"
  • Place 9
    It had three horns that would crush your heart, it was very big, it would attack and ram predators who wanted to eat it, they were fierce
  • Place 8
    It had three horns and was bigger than a human, it looked like a human, it had a lot of spikes and had small tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny arms, but it was a carnivore!

  • Place 7
    It's size were no exception, while it's bite force was so weak that it used a technique called ambushing
  • Place 6
    It had sharp teeth and was big, it would attack using its bite force, by this point, it was really fearsome
  • Place 5
    This dinosaur was big, using its sharp teeth, it ate dinosaurs that were big, it was very dangerous

  • Place 4
    Long name right? It had a dome head that was very crushing and could break your hand
  • Place 3
    It was very large, using it's bone breaking jaws, it had the strongest bite force of any land animal! It was made popular by Jurassic Park
  • Place 2
    It was very dangerous, the large giant southern lizard was very large, able to fight with the largest dinosaurs
  • Place 1
    It was the largest carnivorous land animal ever, it walked on 4 legs, it usually ate fish, although recent evidence said it ate other animals, it had weak jaws and teeth, used for gripping fish, not biting prey

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1094 days ago
I'm soooooooo glad dinosaurs aren't alive today.