The Five cutest dogs in the world

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Here are the top five cutest dogs, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy!

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    1. The Dachshund
    1. The Dachshund
    I mean just look at that face! Dachshunds are fearless, lively, and curious, while they show off their long bodies and adorable features!
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    2. The Pomeranian
    2. The Pomeranian
    OMG it's like the fluffiest thing you've ever seen! Pomeranians are lively, friendly, and love to hang out with people. They are also good watchdogs because they bark their little yip!
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    3. The Bichon Frise
    3. The Bichon Frise
    Goodness, these little pups make you want to just grab them and eat them up! The Bichon Frise looks just like a fluffy snowball. They are known to be gentle and sensitive, and are excellent home and family companion!

  • Place 2
    4. The Yorkshire Terrier
    4. The Yorkshire Terrier
    When a little face looks up at you like that, you just have to give in! These dogs are fashion divas anytime, and like to trot beside you anywhere! ( They will also probably fit in your bag so you can take them places)
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    5. The Siberian Husky
    5. The Siberian Husky
    This mischievous and graceful dog has the sweetest almond shaped eyes ever! This husky is strong and nimble, and loves other dogs and communication!

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32 days ago
I know dogs, and these are NOT THE CUTEST DOGS!!!!!! pomeranian I can agree with, nut others, I'm sorry, but I can not.
306 days ago
I don't know how anyone could find these not cute! The thing is (in my opinion) with dogs, they are cute if they look stupid or ever so slightly ugly.
484 days ago
of these r cute
587 days ago
Omg theyy are all sooo cute 🤗
649 days ago
the cutest dog is ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL
1069 days ago
CUTEI like 4, 3 & 2.
1106 days ago
my favorite was the siberian husky
1142 days ago
Awwww! So cute! I want to see other people's comments on them too!!!