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OK, so you and your friend have a fight or something, OK maybe you just want to know, Please don't get mad on me if you don't agree with me.

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    20. You-Know-who
    20. You-Know-who
    You-Know-who is an evil master, rules the Death Eaters. He will destroy Harry even if it is the last thing he'll do!

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158 days ago
The weasleys should move up
899 days ago
I just want to apologise on behalf of everyone else who commented. This is your opinion and if someone else doesn’t like it then they don’t have to agree. I really liked this list, although Ginny is the character that book two revolves around!
975 days ago
GINNY IS NOT USELESS! And ron and hermione should come in second or third
1093 days ago
Ginny is the best character! She is not useless! She makes Harry very happy
1138 days ago
Ginny is one of the most amazing characters in the series!! How could you say she's USELESS?!?! Trust me, I'd describe Ginny as a LOT of things, but not useless! Oh my god! Seriously!! Zoe, you probably haven't even read the books!! >:(
1148 days ago
OMG This quiz is the worst!
1313 days ago
Ginny is my fave character. How could you!! 😤😡
1352 days ago
i took the quiz to because I was bored
1352 days ago
Hi nice quiz. i wonder how long it took u to write all the ppl. I really enjoyed it i'd put it in top 20 to
1352 days ago
OMG This quiz is the worst I've took in my life. Definitely. Even if a quiz's questions just had dots, and the answers too, it would be better. I'm not raging. I'm stating the obvious: . Ginny and Mrs. Weasely are VERY important. Have you even read the books?
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