Top Warrior Cats

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Who are the best Warrior Cats? Not best hunters or fighters, but best spirit. Who keeps the clan going?

  • Place 10
    First up is...
    Spottedleaf! Not only a medicine cat, but she has optimistic nature and acts. She picks everyone up when they fall down.
    Spottedleaf is former medicine cat of Thunderclan, she now walks with Starclan.
  • Place 9
    In place 9 is...
    Snowfur! A helpful and caring warrior, who always helps find the light in the darkest of situations.
    Snowfur is a former warrior of Thunderclan, she know hunts with Starclan.
  • Place 8
    Next up is...
    Firestar! Described as one of the greatest leaders, he is peaceful. He doesn't let mean nature get to him.
    Firestar is former leader of Thunderclan, he now runs with Starclan.

  • Place 7
    Now we have...
    Onestar! Not only smart and brave, Onestar is kind and not one to start un-needed fights.
    Onestar is past leader of Windclan, he now hunts with Starclan.
  • Place 6
    Can you guess who is next? It's...
    Brightheart! She keeps everyone going even when they feel like giving up.
    A proud warrior of Thunderclan.
  • Place 5
    Place 5 is...
    Ravenpaw! Though he left because of Tigerclaw(star), he is optimistic and peaceful.
    Ravenpaw, former apprentice of Thunderclan, currently loner.

  • Place 4
    Next up is...
    Tigerstar(heart)! Funny and sometimes annoying, he lightens everyone's spirit even when there is nothing to be happy about.
    Tigerstar is former leader of Shadowclan, he is now a loner.
  • Place 3
    Coming in 3rd place is...
    Mistystar! Not the most optimistic cat, but a great leader. Proud, and not one to back down from a challenge.
    Leader of Riverclan.
  • Place 2
    Next is...
    Whitestorm! Proud warrior, who fought to his death for his clan. He definitely deserves a place on this list.
    Former deputy and warrior of Thunderclan, he now pads with Starclan.
  • Place 1
    The top Warrior Cat is...
    Feathertail! Just like Whitestorm, she fought for her brother. She died proud, and now keeps Starclan a peaceful place.
    Former warrior of Riverclan.

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Comments (4)


364 days ago
This is a cool List, but I dont like Feathertail and Firestar. My favourite is Darkstripe.
1325 days ago
Tigerstar (heart) only became a loner for a short time, to chase Dovewing. Does he leave again or something?
1433 days ago
Warrior cats seem cool
1543 days ago
Didn't Ravenpaw die by now?
Mentioned in - Short story Ravenpaw's Farewell and the special edition warriors guidebook. In which series , by the way, did Tigerstar become a loner????