Top 10 powerful demigods in Percy Jackson

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Here are the top 10 most powerful demigods from PJO and HoO

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    Luke Castellan
    The son of Hermes, the best sword fighter in Camp Half-Blood until Percy came and Luke went to join Kronos’s army. He then later turned into Kronos, the Titan of time in the second Titan war, and Luke sacrificed himself to stop Kronos from destroying the city. He was bitter at Hermes who left Luke with his ‘crazy’ mother, thus started the whole story of him stealing the lightning bolt at the Winter Solstice and getting Percy Jackson involved in the demigod world.

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247 days ago
WHERE IS THALIA? She's much stronger than most of the people on the list, and she's a child of the big three.
257 days ago
This is just soooooooo wrong Annabeth should be ranked second place, right next to Percy
413 days ago
507 days ago
shouldn’t Jason be higher? Like, third place?
Nico survived Tartarus because he was captured. He survived the twins because they weren’t going to kill him before the seven arrived. He literally watched as Percy and Annabeth fell into the pit. I wouldn’t blame him for not able to, say, control the rocks and let the rocks fly Annabeth and Percy out of the mouth of that cave, even though it’s part of his power, to control rocks. He was tired and drained. But he could have done something else except yelling and watching.( He’s strong and everything)
Then, Annabeth should be ranked higher. I mean, she survived the mark of Athena when no other children of Athena can, and I kinda doubt another of the seven could have survived all alone.
Nico’s powers are SCARY, but Percy’s are like, pure DESTRUCTION. He never really used his earth shaking powers( except for the volcano, and his storm powers have not been used to the largest extent, after all, Posidon is the lord of storms too…And from what he did to a goddess in Tartarus, I think we can say he can control all the things that have water in them…That’s A LOT!
612 days ago
I can't even this is just plain wrong
612 days ago
Why isn't Annabeth one of the top 5 and seriously no Thalia, and Jason should be 3
Because he is a son of Zues this sooooooooo inaccurate. I'm very disappointed in this right now.
764 days ago
Dude. The only reason Nico survived Tartarus is cuz he was ENSLAVED IN A JAR he didn't even see Tartarus's landscape forget the effects cause he was in a coma for three days.
828 days ago
Umm ... You forgot Nicole survived TARTARUS alone
869 days ago
im sorry but no just no
903 days ago
um, I love Nico (which every one does) but he's really not THAT powerful. He was always pretending that he's fine, but he isn't. He's the youngest one of them all(well, bigger than Meg, though), when Bianca died he was litterally a small kid who's hurt. For five years, He isn't brave enough to tell Percy that he loves, and hates him. He's soul was weak. I know we're talking about powers, but it's still the truth. Thanks for Will, he's know better than before, but we don't know is he really OK or he isn't.
996 days ago
Omg! Thalia should definitely be one of the ten, she is like soo strong. Also, Jason should be one of the top three because he is the son of Zeus, and he can possess lighting and fly, I mean that is awesome. BUT WHERE IS THALIA?!
1011 days ago
Percy OFC!Percy is soooo god cool
1018 days ago
Are you guys debating on the skill set of a demigod or on their raw power? Cuz if you guys are talking about raw power than people like Luke, piper, annabeth and reyna won't even be on this list. Also WHERE THE HELL IS THALIA? If it's overall (like their skill set, abilities, strength, etc.) Then annabeth will definitely be in th top 5. also, (for those who are saying jace & thals can choke someone) it doesn't work that way, you can't separate all the different gasses from the air that's why when we breath we inhale all kinds of different gasses but only oxygen is used the others like CO2 are given out so they can't seperated them that way. For those who are saying nico should be the #1, nico is 🍦 powerful i believe you, even I think he's really powerful but he's still not close to percy in that aspect. I know nico can literally turn someone into a ghost but it drains him like hell if this ability is over exerted he can literally fade out and he can't get the same kind of benefit from shadows and darkness the way percy does from water. Another thing, nico doesn't hold back, percy does. While Nico's abilities can be considered scary percy's are downright destructive like earthquakes for example, we've never seen him use that ability of his (except in BotL where he just surpassed the usual eartshaking & straight on erupted a volcano) but imagine if he did, then what no one would've stood a chance against him, I mean sure nico can control rocks and other earthen elements but earthquakes? That's poseidon's mojo, he's the boss at that. Truth be told jason should be somewhere from 4th to 6th position like I get the lightening part but boss, that ain't killin' no one & definitely not jason's lightening and where the heck is thalia? She should be in the top 5 dude and piper? Really? There are demigods from other cabins who can outpower & outwit piper very easily. I'm not saying she's weak, she is strong but she definitely ain't top ten material.
1019 days ago
WAT! annabeth should at least be in top 5! AND WHERE'S THALIA?!
1029 days ago
Seriously, why isn't Thalia on here?!
1055 days ago
And what how is there no jason
1055 days ago
Bruh there's no Thalia Grace??? How???
1103 days ago
This is really wrong placed people.I can't believe you made this.
1103 days ago
Jason is stronger than Frank and Annabeth should be in the top 5.
1104 days ago
Lightning from Thalia and Jason is basically useless as a lethal ability, considering how they only get dazed when getting struck. Singed a bit, but that's it. Also, how do they have luke on the list and not thalia. Although reyna kind of rekted thalia in Blood of Olympus when they fought, I think thalia would still place higher. Percy is OP because he controls water. 60% of human body is water. Considering how Percy can control poison is completely different from water, I am assuming that percy can control all fluids, meaning that he can control your blood, giving you a stroke or a heart attack. He can force water to diffuse into his brain cells at a massive rate, basically blowing up his brain. He can unbalance the fluids in your ear, completely disrupting the other person's concentration. He can literally break veins and arteries, spill your gastric juices, and stop your body's cells delivering glucose and atp to themselves, leading to an instantanious body shutdown and immediate loss of conciousness/death. Even if one of the above win in a duel against him, they will die shortly after. Considering how percy could use these abilities on a goddess, I wouldn't be surprised if he was more powerful than most of the olympians.