My Favorite Books! (For Girls)

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Wondering for a book to read, or just bored of the books you have?

Here are a few of my favorites! Hope you like them as much as I do!

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    I’m sure everyone has read Wonder by RJ Palacio, but if you have not, you totally should!

    It’s about a boy who is going into 5th grade, but with one twist- he has something wrong with his face. I’m not 100% sure the exact name of the syndrome, but it’s a really good book that makes you think. I recommend it!

    Also there is a movie so if you like watching more than reading you can SEE wonder too 😊!
  • Place 10
    Braced by Alison Gerber is a great story that has a bit of everything!
    A list just to name a few:
    Heart Breaks..
    And sooo much more!

    I also recommended this to anyone 11 and older, since some parts of it may be hard for kids under that age group to understand!
  • Place 9
    The Baby Sitters Club (Comic Series)
    The Baby Sitters club by Raina Telgemeir is perfect for people who love graphic novels! The art is on point and tells the actual stories well!

    That’s it.
    That’s the description!
    It’s a great book

  • Place 8
    By Holly Goldberg Sloan, this is one of my favorites! It’s all about a short girl who is in a play for her town, and the friends she makes!

    Personally, this relates to me completely because I am short and love broadway and theatre.
  • Place 7
    The Fire Within
    The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris D’Lacey is my favorite series of all time, but my favorite book from the series is The Fire Within, which is the first book. It’s a bit playful and fun, and all the characters are so relatable!

    The first book is good for kids from 9 and up, but I wouldn’t expect someone at age 10 to like the entire series. The books get more challenging as they go on, so I would hold off reading them until your about 11.
  • Place 6
    I’m so sorry I’m adding this one in....

    WISH YOU WERE GONE (the series!)
    Okay this is written by me and you can find it on THIS WEBSITE! (Fan Fiction, Love!)

    It’s about a girl named Freddie and her life in 8th Grade. There’s nothing bad in it, so it’s good for anyone 9 and up!

    Also the series may be currently written, depending on when you are reading this. (Right now it’s November 28 and I’m writing book 4!)

    There will most likely be at least 7 books in the series, if not more. Check them out!

  • Place 5
    Yay we are getting to the good books!

    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl
    Omg I love this one! I’ve already read it 3 times and I’ve only had it for a year (I’m a nerd... hehehe).

    There is so much to say so here’s another list of things I love about it.

    - the characters (aghhhh my heart they are soo good)
    - the dog (Cutie Pi... 😍)
    - the drama (oh the lies Lucy tells...)
    -THE AUTHOR (I mean Stacy McAnulty....)

  • Place 4
    Hope Was Here
    This may be biased on this one because the Author, Joan Bauer, responded to my email.... but still.

    Hope Was Here is by far one of my favorites. I read it in 5th Grade (I was ten) and I can’t seem to get myself to stop referring it. I mean.... the descriptions, the characters.

    The first book I cried reading!
  • Place 3
    The Dork Diaries Series
    Rachel Renèe Russell is my queeeeen! If you haven’t read about Nicki and her life...


    You must read it’s soo relatable.

    The series does go downhill after book 7, but the books are still worth reading.

    It’s a graphic novel and still has pages where it’s just like a book.

    I started reading these in 4th grade (which seems a bit young, I should have at like 5th) but still.
  • Place 2

    my baby
    Liesel my baby!

    the book just makes your heart confused and burst all at the same timeeee.

    This book is pretty, umm, challenging. It’s an adult book, so I would read it if you are 12 or older.

    But OMG is it funny.
    And sad.
    But Liesel my babyyyyy!

  • Place 1
    TY for reading
    And read!

    it’s the best thing you can do!

    but seriously the book thief.....

    do me a favor and read the book the thief

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Comments (13)


221 days ago
Wonder is the best book ever! I'm in 5th grade and I read it in 4th grade and I've read It 5times since
1116 days ago
I’ve read some of these books. I actually made one of these lists recently!
1171 days ago
For girls I would also recommend Selection by Kiera Cass (actually my fav of all time) and everyday by David Levithan. Love em
1225 days ago
PS I've read Wonder but most of the other ones couldn't find on the library app
1225 days ago
Thanks! (Now I just have to wait until allthetests lets me again... 😅)
1232 days ago
Of course it’s ok, Addy! Go right ahead!
1253 days ago
Um this is my actual name, I'm (I was?) Addy, and I really liked this and kinda wanted to make a list about book suggestions but wanted to make sure it's okay with you first...
1254 days ago
Hi! Just wondering, what general age are you recommending these books for? I’d love to give them a go, but not totally sure whether they’re the right age group for me. Thx.
1255 days ago
Oh, cool! Do you mind if I make my own one of these? (It will be v different)
1367 days ago
Thanks for the recommendations, Macy! I read the Percy Jackson books as well! I would say 9+ too!
1372 days ago
So, the only ones I've read are the Dork Diaries series (which are great) and Wonder (which my grade read in school in Grade 4 and it was epic). I'd really recommend the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series (I'll tell you if Trials of Apollo are good but I haven't got them yet) and they're all by Rick Riordan! I'd say I'd date it ages 9+ because there is nothing bad in it, (and partially because that's the age when I read it) and also it's just GREAT for kids. Thanks for the list.
1380 days ago
I am also adding “Obsessed” to this list! Probably for kids 12 and up!
1385 days ago
I love the book thief!!!