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Here is my ( Cevil) top 5 kindest medicine cats of warriors! This doesn’t include anyone from the broken code, but all other series I have considered.

  • Place 5
    Number 5:

    Thunderclan Tom.
    Grey pelt, blind in both eyes.
    Littermates: Hollyleaf And Lionblaze.
    Parents: Leafpool and Crowfeather.
    Mate: None.
    While Jayfeather is a gruff cat who is often very grumpy, he is in fact one of the clans’ most remarkable medicine cats of all time. He is an expert at healing, and starclan trusts him with power and courage to lead Thunderclan through worrying times, along with Bramblestar. He was one of the four cats in the prophecy, There will be three, kin of your (firestar’s) kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.The three cats were Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing, who were joined in the final battle by Firestar himself as the fourth cat.
    While his temper can vary, his heart is staged on kindness and he will help any cat who is in pain. He is a trustworthy medicine cat who deserves to live a long and happy life.

    “ A true warrior’s heart needs no rules. It can do no evil!”

    - Jayfeather to Tigerstar.
  • Place 4
    In fourth place;


    Thunderclan she cat.
    Black pelt, green eyes.
    Littermates; Lionblaze And Jayfeather.
    Parents; Leafpool and Crowfeather.
    Mate; Fallen leaves ( ish)
    While Hollyleaf was only a medicine cat apprentice for a few moons, while she was one her heart was louder than her brain. She followed her heart and helped sick or injured cats before changing to a warrior apprentice, while Jayfeather ( Jaypaw, at the time) became a medicine cat apprentice instead. She was a kind medicine cat with a sense of humour, that she swirled up in her smooth pelt. She was a loyal warrior, before she was killed by Hawkfrost in the great battle, while she saved the life of a younger Thunderclan warrior, Ivypool. She repayed her clan from when she fled into the tunnels and made friends with an ancient dead cat called Fallen leaves. She then returned to her clan and saved the life of a loyal warrior.

    “We have to let the warrior code lead our hearts. The death of a warrior does not lead to victory.”

    - Hollyleaf in The Forgotten Warrior.
  • Place 3
    Third cat on the list:

    Riverclan she cat.
    Dappled golden pelt.
    Littermates: Hawkfrost And Tadpole ( died at birth).
    Parents: Tigerstar and Sasha.
    Mate: None.
    While Mothwing’s brother, Hawkfrost, faked a sign from starclan saying Mothwing should be a medicine cat, Mothwing was busy proving herself worthy of being a medicine cat.She helped many a cat and while she didn’t believe in the cats’ warrior Ancestor clan ( starclan) she still believed in healing and helping cats in need. Eventually, her clan found out about the faked sign. Although her leader, Mistystar, let it pass and Mothwing carried on being a Medicine cat. She is kind, but often snaps if someone hurts her feelings, or says something rude to a friend.She has her own apprentice, Willowshine, who is loyal and determined like Mothwing.

    “ I will always be there if you need me. I do not believe in your faith, but I will help fight for what you believe in.”

    - Mothwing to Leafpool, The Last Hope.

  • Place 2
    In second place;

    Littlecloud, Kestrelflight And Cloudspots.

    Shadowclan Tom.
    Small tabby.
    I don’t know who his siblings or parents are.
    Mate; none.

    Windclan Tom.
    Brown tabby.
    Littermates; ( none, I think? Put it in the comments pls)
    Parents;( I’m in a rush and this is hard so I don’t know)
    Mate; None.

    Windclan Tom ( dawn of the clans)
    White with splotches.
    I don’t know who his littermates or parents are either.
    Mate; none.

    Kestrelflight Kestrelflight has to be one of the most misjudged cats in the whole series. He is incredibly loyal an kind, even when in pain.

    Littlecloud is a kind and helpful cat who would kill himself it meant he saved other cats. He would go very far to help others, even if they had hurt him inside it or out. Loves herbs.

    Cloudspots is a loyal medicine cat from when Windclan first came to be. He loves herbs and would travel for days to get a cure to save some cat?

    “But you can be fathers. Do you think a father loves his kits any less?”
    - Halfmoon to Cloudspots. Mothflights vision.

    “We all make mistakes. Some have echos that last forever.”
    - Littlecloud in Fading Echoes.

    “ Sometimes a cat must give one thing to get another.”
    - Kestrelflight to a Windclan queen.
  • Place 1
    In first place;

    Spottedleaf! ( we all new it)
    Thunderclan she cat.
    White tortoiseshell, brilliant eyes.
    Littermates; none.
    Parents; ( I have no idea.)
    Mate; Would be Firestar.
    Spottedleaf is a beautiful she cat who is amazing with herbs and gentle when bounding wounds.She only lived for a short time in the first book, but she appears in The Last Hope and some other books throughout. She is calm and sensible, although fun and playful at the same time. She is kind to kits and queens, the elders were calm around her. Wherever Spottedleaf is, the scent of flowers stains the air and tugs at her glossy fur. She is beautiful, kind and loving, and if she wasn’t a medicine cat she would have been a beautiful mother to her kits.

    The most famous quote in all of Warrior Cats was said by a Spottedleaf to Bluestar;
    “ Fire alone will save our clan.”

    “I was an always will be a medicine cat.That comes first, more than any cat that walks in the forest, even Firestar.”
    - Spottedleaf about Firestar, Firestar’s quest.

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543 days ago
Is there Cinderpelt in the top 5?
645 days ago
780 days ago
Spottedleaf is THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
837 days ago
Thanks, I probably could have found that out but, like I said, I was in a rush.
927 days ago
Spottedleaf's littermates are redtail and willowpelt. her parents are swiftbreeze and adderfang
1000 days ago
1030 days ago
Definitely Spottedleaf. No doubt
1053 days ago
This is only my opinion, you don’t have to agree with any of my choices!