My favourite top ten greatest Warrior Cat leaders

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My opinion of the greatest Warrior Cat leaders

  • Place 10
    The leader of Thunderclan who was around before Bluestar was born.

    He was a tom with tabby fur who was father to Tigerstar and he decided that he would join the Kittypets when he was on his ninth life.
  • Place 9
    A noble tom who lived when Bluestar was leader, his mate was Sandstorm and his kits were Leafpool and Squirrelflight. He died when a flaming branch fell on him and Starclan foretold a prophecy based on him saving the clans.
  • Place 8
    Tigerstar (Tigerheart no evil)
    He became the Shadowclan leader after Rowanstar died and fell in love with a Thundeclan cat named Dovewing, he has his own super addition and he thought that Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf were his cousins in Thunderclan.

  • Place 7
    The Thunderclan leader that came after Firestar. He was Tigerstar's son (evil) and his sister, Tawnypelt, joined the two united clans, Riverclan and Shadowclan, that named themselves Tigerclan. He fougt in the battle with Bloodclan and was Firestar's apprentice and deputy.
  • Place 6
    The leader before Bluestar he had a deputy but shortly after that deputy became ill and couldn't be the deputy of Thunderclan anymore. He was Bluestar's second mentor after the original one had a terrible injury to the leg in the battle with Windclan.
  • Place 5
    The leader of Riverclan after Leopardstar died she had kits who were rescued by Fireheart and Greystripe when a flood drove Riverclan out off their camp and into the higher part of the island of which they lived on.

  • Place 4
    Tigerstar (evil)
    A brutal Shadowclan leader who was driven out of Thunderclan after he attempted murdering the current leader Bluestar so he could be the leader instead. His mate was Goldenflower who's kits were Bramblekit(star) and Tawnykit(pelt). He started the battle with Bloodclan and lead the rouges in an attack on Thunderclan camp. His was killed by Scourge.
  • Place 3
    RUNNER UP-- Bluestar
    The well-known leader of Thunderclan who was Firestar's mentor and was forbidden mates with a cat from Riverclan. When she was younger the medicine cat Goosefeather told her she was the fire that blazed through the forest but he warned her that water could destroy her. She died saving her deputy from a pack of wild dogs and drowning in the gorge. Just before she died she admitted to Mstyfoot(star) and Stonefur that she was their mother.
  • Place 2
    The original leader of Windclan who's whole clan were driven out of their own territory by the evil Crookedstar of Shadowclan. Tallstar was part of the great journey and was good friends with Firestar the leader of Thunderclan. Tallstar and Thunderclan united once to help drive off Riverclan and Shadowclan who were attacking their camp.
  • Place 1
    NUMBER ONE-- Thunderstar
    The very first leader of Thundeclan who's father was Clearsky and Windclan cat. Not knowing where he belonged, Thunderstar was torn between leaving Thunderclan to join his father in the moors and staying in his clan. He was part of the First Battle and saw Starclan arise from where the battle took place, which was at four trees.

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