Top 10 Harry Potter characters ranked

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This is my person opinion on the best Harry Potter characters, it just depends on the person!

  • Place 10
    #10 Molly Weasley
    I have a deep love for all the Weasleys but Molly is one of the best! She may be rough on Ron and the Twins but she always has the best interest at heart.
    She’d do anything to protect her loved ones!
  • Place 9
    #9 Mad Eye Moody
    Moody was a great role model for Harry. He was brave and tough, and though he was a little superstitious he was still a good man and never deserved to die.:(
  • Place 8
    #8 Ron Weasley
    Hear me out! The movies made Ron and stupid jerk which he really wasn’t in the books. And the books are 100% accurate because they were created by JK Rowling and it’s her world. Ron is a good friend who always had Harry and Hermione’s back. Also I totally ship Romione!

  • Place 7
    #7 McGongall
    McGonagall was the best teacher at Hogwarts, let’s be honest. She is so Brave and knew how to take charge when Voldemort started to attack.
  • Place 6
    #6 Sirius Black
    Sirius gets a reputation as a bad godfather to Harry, but he was simply just the ride or die type. What he taught Harry is you may be gone the next day so live life to the fullest!
  • Place 5
    #5 Fred and George Weasley
    Okay so this is technically two but I’m putting them together.
    When the story started to get darker Fred and George were there to bring some laughter to the story! They’re the most iconic twins and I love them!

  • Place 4
    #4 Remus Lupin
    Remus died too soon. Poor Teddy Lupin never got to know his parents. Remus was the best defense against the dark arts teacher there at Hogwarts, and I don’t think anyone can fight me on it.
  • Place 3
    #3 Ginny Weasley
    In the books Ginny was an Awesome, take charge character, the movies made her so lame. I honestly think she’s a good person for Harry and the fact that she never stopped loving is very powerful.
  • Place 2
    #2 Neville Longbottom
    Neville started off as a small scared boy and ended up helping defeat Voldemort! His speech at the end of Deathly hallows part two is truly amazing!
  • Place 1
    #1 Luna Lovegood
    Luna is my favorite character personally! I love how she’s so weird and not afraid to do so. She loves herself and it’s so inspiring. Also I totally ship her and Neville:)

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