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I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite books. As you’ll see, I love fantasy and historical fiction. Comment if you’ve read any of these or have more book suggestions.

  • Place 10
    Redwall- Brian Jacques
    Yeah, they get predictable, but they’re still good!
  • Place 9
    Christy- Catherine Marshall
    This is an AMAZING book! I love it. It’s so real and sad.
  • Place 8
    Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
    Old, but really good. Little Men and Jo’s Boys (the sequels) are also good.

  • Place 7
    The Green Ember- S. D. Smith
    This is a great fantasy series.
  • Place 6
    Fairy Tale Romance Series- Melanie Dickerson
    Good books based on fairy tales and set in medieval Germany. My favorite so far is The Princess Spy.
  • Place 5
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians- Rick Riorden
    Just started reading this series and it was better than I expected. Really cool.

  • Place 4
    The Chronicles of Narnia- C. S. Lewis
    Great, classic book series.
  • Place 3
    The Guardian Herd- Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
    Awesome fantasy about Pegasi!
  • Place 2
    The Sisters Grimm- Micheal Buckley
    This is a great series. It’s all about fairy tale characters.
  • Place 1
    Anything by Avi!
    Avi is amazing! Some of my favorites are The Man Who Was Poe, Crispin, and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Read his books they’re great!

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Actually- sorry about this but I changed my mind. We’re going somewhere more private. My second not included test, okay?
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TheFadedWalker500, this is the quiz.
1204 days ago
Yes I have, I liked that one too!
1205 days ago
Have you read the button war by AVI ? It's in the world war 1 era , it's pretty good
1205 days ago
I’ve read almost all of these!Good taste;)

HELLO 143!!!!!!!!As you can see we have SO MUCH DRAMA
1205 days ago
I love a lot of these! Ill have to try the ones Ive never read.