My top 10 favorite books!

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Um, I think the title says it all ......

  • Place 10
    By Jennifer A Nielsen
    This book is about a 15 year old Jewish girl named Chaya who joins the resistance
    During world war 2.
  • Place 9
    A Handful Of Time
    By Kit Pearson
    This is about a girl who finds an old watch and goes back in time to when her mother was 12
  • Place 8
    By Raina Telgemeier
    This is about 2 sisters who go on a crazy road trip! This is an excellent graphic novel.

  • Place 7
    By Alan Gratz
    3 different stories are in this book
    One is about a jew trying to escape from Nazi Germany
    One is about a girl who tries to escape from Cuba.
    And the last one is about a boy who escapes from war torn Syria.
  • Place 6
    Invisible Emmie
    By Terri Libenson
    This is a graphic novel about a quiet and shy girl who has an embarrassing and unexpected run-in with her secret crush .
  • Place 5
    By Tony Abbot
    This book is about a girl with severe burns on her body, goes to a new school where some pretty mean kids pick on her.

  • Place 4
    Other Words For Home
    By Jasmine Warga
    This is about a girl who leave war-torn Syria with her mom, and struggles to adapt to her new life in America
  • Place 3
    In My Enemies House
    By Carol Matas
    A Jewish girl in ww2 goes into hiding in Germany to work for Nazis, after her family was taken away.
  • Place 2
    A Night Divided
    By Jennifer A Nielsen
    This is about a girl, who in the cold war era tries to escape through the Berlin Wall to freedom.
  • Place 1
    Code of Honor
    By Alan Gratz
    This is about a teenage boy whose brother is falsely accused of being a terrorist, and goes in a race against time to find out the truth.

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435 days ago
I love most of those! Read Scary stories for young foxes by Christian Mkay Heidicker! And the sequel! They are SOOOO GOOD.