Top 10 Reasons I’m team Jacob

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Yes I’m team Jacob I cannot stand Edward

  • Place 10
    He is not as controlling
    Edward acts as if he OWNS Bella he literally wouldn’t let her do stuff and he didn't let her have freedom. Jacob didn't control Bella even when she upset him.
  • Place 9
    Her dad liked Jacob better
    I don't know if everyone agrees this is a solid reason but in my opinion, parental opinion is important and her dad definitely liked Jacob a lot better
  • Place 8
    Edward is ugly
    This isn’t a solid reason but I had to say it I think Edward is ugly. Jacob is at least cute

  • Place 7
    Bella could’ve had a more human experience
    Because she ended up with Edward she became a vampire and I know that’s what she wanted but then she doesn’t get to do human experiences
  • Place 6
    It would’ve been a good plot twist
    It would’ve been a huge plot twist if she picked Jacob just imagine you’re being convinced it’s Edward then BOOM she chooses Jacob
  • Place 5
    The werewolves can protect her just as well as the vampires
    And the werewolves can go out into public easier

  • Place 4
    Jacob has more personality
    Edward is so boring it’s the same thing OVER AND OVER he’s got no character development unlike Jacob
  • Place 3
    Jacob never left when Edward did
    Unlike Edward who left Bella at one time Jacob never left her side even after she married Edward, Jacob was always there for her
  • Place 2
    The Renesmee Jacob thing wouldn’t have happened
    Everyone hates this
  • Place 1
    Bella and Jacob had more than just a romantic connection they also had a friendship
    Bella and Edward only had a romantic relationship their friendship didn't really progress or happen. Bella and Jacob had a history of being friends then became great friends and they had romantic chemistry.

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