Pokémon Facts

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Hello, here are Waldgecko and I, Absbor. Imagine me as a shiny Skitty, with black lines under my eyes and a rubber band on my left back ankle. Waldgecko is my little bro, with many scars and a beads necklace. We got some Poké facts for you guys!

  • Place 8
    Absbor: "Kellyn and Buizel have the same hair point."
  • Place 7
    Waldgecko: "Meowth from the anime is not caught! It was shown in multiple episodes, that he got nearly got caught."
  • Place 6
    Absbor: "Leveling up doesn't mean Pokémon gets older."

  • Place 5
    Waldgecko: "In Pokéathlon a Treecko like me is faster than my last evolution by one star! This means I'm the best!"
    Absbor: *gets a chart* "Don't forget that the second phase as well has five stars!"
    Chart: Treecko & Grovyle: *****
    Sceptile: ****
    Waldgecko: "What?" *looks shocked*
  • Place 4
    Absbor: "Everyone who has played Stadium 1 or/and 2, knows at least one quote from Commentator!"
    Absbor: "... err, we played the German version..." ^^;
  • Place 3
    Absbor: "Rowlets evolution line has a change in types when evolving. This is yet the only Pokémon in terms of starters."

  • Place 2
    Waldgecko: "Lastly 2 facts about the music from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon!
    Gladions theme has the same tones like the themes from 'Run away, fugitives' and 'Escape through the snow'. A references to him and his partner running away from cruel experiments."
  • Place 1
    Waldgecko: "The theme from Treasure Town sounds similar to Pokémon Square. Maybe it's a remix or not? Who knows?"
    Absbor: "Only for real nerds who spends a lot of time listening to music..."

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