Top 15 hottest guys in the anime world. (My opinion of course)

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Read the title if you haven't already, pretty self-explanatory. Hottest anime girls coming soon!

  • Place 15
    Kunimitsu Tezuka.
    Yes, yes, many disagree and say like, um, Naruto is hotter. Then read the title again, MY OPINION. Understand now? Yes, in my opinion, he is hot.
  • Place 14
    Gray Fullbuster
    Heh, shirtless guys sure make me sweat, huh? Maybe because their muscles are showing and they are gonna beat the crap out of me right now. Or maybe because they are extremely sexy.
  • Place 13
    Kakashi Hatake
    Boy, is he hot. I just wish he would take the mask off. Love him so much! He's so handsome. There ARE more hot guys out there though...

  • Place 12
    Toga Yagari
    Yup, uh huh. He's a handsome one. Brave too. He saved Zero and lost an eye! Time to place your mental dibs in case he comes out of the anime world!
  • Place 11
    I'm a big fan of Death Note. I like L better, but I must admit, Light IS hotter. Criticize me all you want, I know many L fangirls out there.
  • Place 10
    Zero Kiryu
    A vampire. Not a pureblood, but still a vampire. I love Vampire Knight for it's awesome story and super sexy characters. Vampires are hot.

  • Place 9
    Long haired guys rule, long haired guys rule! It's true, er, in my opinion. Might not be in your opinion, but it is in mine. But, how can't you think they aren't?
  • Place 8
    Haruka Nanase
    Awww. Look at those eyes! I can't...
    Okay, I couldn't help but take a screenshot lol.
    You can't deny that those eyes ain't beautiful. You just can't.
  • Place 7
    Sorry, I couldn't find his last name. Currently on vol. 2 of Yona of Dawn. I love him. His eyes, his body, everything about him is sexy.
  • Place 6
    Hanabusa Aido
    Okay, I don't think I have to say this. His nickname is Idol, like, doesn't that explain everything? He's hot. Like, downright HOT.

  • Place 5
    Light Yagami
    Like I said, Light is hotter than L. In my opinion. His hair is nice, don't you think?
  • Place 4
    Kyo Sohma
    Ooh! I love cats! Especially ones that can take human form and is called Kyo! Hot hot hot.
  • Place 3
    Takumi Usui
    On almost all lists of hottest anime guys. Including mine.
  • Place 2
    Kaname Kuran
    Downright sexy. Nothing else needs to be said, dude. Er, dudette?
  • Place 1
    Sebastian Michaelis
    The good old demon takes first again. The heart beats faster at the sight of him, no questions asked. Sexy. Hot. Sexy. Hot. Sexy. Hot. Sexy...
    If you say he is ugly I'm just telling you back: WTF?

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209 days ago
I think that Kirito/Kasuto is the hottest, he's the badass we all need in our lives
756 days ago
sebastian at first place...did i really think anyone can beat stupid self :)
882 days ago
Hello friends! I'm sorry but the girl version will not be able to appear for the next few months. Busy...apologies. I'm having a hard time not failing all my classes. Sorry.
906 days ago
Hope you like it! Comment who YOU think is the hottest anime guy! Your opinion. I would love to see which guy wins. *Pulls out bar graph with every single anime guy in the whole, 🐬 universe*