How to Prank your siblings!

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Are you also one of these kids that have got a brother or sister that is always trying to freak the hell out of you every single day!
Well my brother does and my friend and I thought of some mean and funny pranks YOU can play on THEM!
Good luck trying them, hope they’ll work: D

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    Oreo with toothpaste!
    You probably know this trick already and maybe tried it on your brother/sister...
    If not, here is how it works:
    Take a pack of Oreos and take out one Oreo. Carefully separate the Oreo and scrape out the cream and replace it with white toothpaste.
    When your brother comes home just sit on the couch/sofa and eat a no-toothpaste Oreo. Either he asks if he can have one, or you ask him if he wants one...then give him the toothpaste Oreo and watch!
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    Bucket on door!
    You can probably guess what this is going to be. You take a Cup or small bucket (e.g. a starbucks cup) and fill it with water. You open the door just that much, that the cup will stay on top, leaning against the door frame. Make sure you’re in the room before placing the cup and then just sit down somewhere in the room and call your brother or sister for help...if they aren’t a complete idiot, they’ll come and help and of course get wet:)
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    Mixed up drawers
    That’s right, just mix up his drawers...take out one drawer and replace it with another, so you’re basically just changing the order of his drawers or put in some cloth from your mom or older sister, if they allow it...then, if his friends are coming by and he opens his drawer to get something they need, there will be a women’s underwear, dress,... which would be embarrassing for from when he was small or something are even better, because they’ll think he is still playing with them ;)

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    Change the background of his computer/laptop.
    If he is visiting a friend or needs his laptop or just phone at school, change his background pic...something silly or embarrassing like people kissing or some flowers or a Unicorn...
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    Surprise attack from closet...
    When you’re alone at home with your brother or sister, tell him/her you’re going to visit a friend. Secretly leave a window or something open. Close the front door with a bang and climb back through the window...quietly sneak up and wait in your closet or one far away from your brother. Call him from your mobile and tell him to check something in your closet or the one you’re in. He won’t think you’re in the closet, because you just called him and you’ll jump out, when he opens the closet and scare the hell out of him!
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    It’s a sponge not a cake...
    My brother played this trick on me once but I noticed...I hope it’s going to turn out better with you:)
    Take a clean new sponge and put on some frosting (chocolate, sprinkles, what ever they prefer). Make a few and put them on a plate, that you place on the table. Turn on the oven and act as if you are baking some more. Your brother/sister will probably take one, but won’t like the taste: O

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    Put clear nail polish on his/her soap
    This works best if your sibling has got his/her own bathroom. Dry the soap and put clear nail polish on it (let that dry as well). One of your parents tell your brother/sister there isn’t any of his/her shampoo left and they’ll have to wash with the soap... they’ll complain that they can’t use the soap and you can sneak in and replace it, so when they are demonstrating it, it will work!
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    Put red food coloring on his/her toothbrush!
    Just a little drop will do. He/she will put on toothpaste and brush and get so scared! Hahahah I tried it on my brother as a revenge and he freaked out!
    Don’t put too much food coloring through he/she will just notice.
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    Put in some salt, pepper, vinegar or other stuff in his/her drink! That tastes shit, I can tell prepared, maybe he/she will vomit! Because it’s too bad, so if they didn’t do something to horrid to you, I wouldn’t give them vinegar milk!
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    Put clear tape over all the light switches in the house
    Do it early in the morning and tell him/her, that you have no power or water. Hopefully he/she will believe you, that there isn’t water and power and be annoyed! If you do it on a school day, they will be so stressed and they will just want to take on their shoes and go...but wait a minute, their shoes are to small - we’ll actually they aren’t but you put some cotton (or something like it) in their shoe and they think they have grown out of their shoes! If they are tired enough, they will walk around a day with cotton in their shoes: D

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45 days ago
I can't wait to try these on my brother and sister.
494 days ago
I want to prank my sis SO bad! Thanks!
735 days ago
Please don’t copy I saw another one exactly like this
768 days ago
768 days ago
1040 days ago
I have done roughly 75% of these to my brothers and sisters. 😂

Numerous times. HAHA It never fails. Thanks for the new ideas.