Top 5 most annoying things siblings do

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  • Place 5
    (Not In order)
    Stealing chargers

    You let them borrow your charger, because they lost theirs. And then they either lose YOURS or don’t give it back.
  • Place 4
    Not closing your door
    This happens too often. My parents do it too. They come into my room and I will politely say, “Close the door, please.” Then they walk out and DON'T CLOSE THE DOOR. So then I yell for them to close it and they get mad
  • Place 3
    Overly aggressive
    This happened yesterday. We are trying to play monkey in the middle and I grab the ball and my brother comes over, tackles me, and squishes me. Like, it was kind of funny, but I can’t get injured before softball.

  • Place 2
    Stupid nicknames or slang words
    Ok Jim Jim
    Naked mole rat
    This one is pretty self explanatory. I do say idiot a lot though😂
  • Place 1
    Teasing you about boys
    Blaming you for everything
    If you even mention a boy’s name, suddenly you are in love with them. Then, they come and say crap right in front of people like that. Also, if we get into fights, my brothers make some stupid excuse and blame it on me. But at the end of the day, I love my brothers, and clearly I’m the least annoying😂

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234 days ago
My sister always dose this.
819 days ago
Also this is so true lmfao
819 days ago
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