Top 10 characters in Undertale

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Here are my top 10 characters in the rpg UNDERTALE!

  • Place 10
    10: Mettaton!
    He's a funny, popular guy with some of the best moments in the game, from his overall appearance as Mettaton EX, to his last words on the genocide run. Never change Mettaton.
  • Place 9
    9: Sans!
    Yeah, you thought he'd be higher up didn't you? Well he's not everyone's favorite character! =~= Still, he is funny, enjoyable and has a great taste in food, I'll give you that.
  • Place 8
    8: Alphys!
    I adore Alphys, and can relate quite a bit to her.We're both nerdy anime loving self proclaimed losers.

  • Place 7
    7: Undyne!
    How could anyone make a top ten list and not add on everyone's favourite warrior fish? The way she makes spaghetti is amazingly funny and the fact Papyrus was able to trick her into becoming friends with Frisk is hilarious! Also, her genocide route theme rocks.
  • Place 6
    6: Asriel
    He's cute and he is literally a king fluffybuns junior.What else is there to say?
  • Place 5
    5: Papyrus!
    Ah, Papyrus. The spaghetti cooking, human hunting, royal guard obsessed skeleton.He is too cute for his own good, how could you not have him in the top 5?

  • Place 4
    4.Lesser dog
    Snow dogs. With giraffe necks when you pet them.My goodness.Lesser dog is a legend.
  • Place 3
    3: Napstablook!
    Mettaton's cousin is by far one of the most relatable characters for me out of everyone in game. Also, Napstablook.Thank you for showing me how to lie on the ground and feel like garbage.
  • Place 2
    2: Flowey
    He's funny, his facial expressions are some of the most creative and he's one of the few characters with an actual voice clip (other than Mettaton EX). Also, Flowey x Temmie is one of ma otps <3
  • Place 1
    And finally.....

    I know what you're thinking.Wait, what? Yes, chara is my favourite character.Don't judge me.

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817 days ago
My favourite is amalgamate! And I wouldn't have even put Sans on this list if I made it!