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This is my opinion on top 5 Pokémon types. Type your opinions in the comment section below this list!

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    Dark typing
    Well, this one's for a few obvious reasons:
    1) There are a few Pokémon of this type that cause havoc to either a city or a particular place. However, I will mention the 2 Pokémon (one from Sinnoh, another from Kalos) that I know (or we, as Pokémon fans, know) cause some sort of havoc:

    1. Yveltal
    If you've watched Pokémon The Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (the 17th Pokémon movie), you will know that this Pokémon destroyed a forest called the Allearth Forest twice. (If you haven't, here's a little spoiler, sorry!)
    Plus, it looks absolutely and completely dreadful.

    And finally...

    2. Darkrai
    This Pokémon is known for the nightmares it causes in different cities in Sinnoh. However, it's not as bad as Yveltal because first of all, it can't control this power (giving nightmares to people in different cities in Sinnoh) and lastly, it doesn't destroy any of the cities it visits at all.

    My final reason for dark types to be at the bottom?

    They're pretty scary... (Well, not all of them, but most of them are)
  • Place 4
    Ghost Typing
    OK, first of all, if you've watched Pokémon journeys episode 91 (which is the first episode of ultimate journeys) one of Spiritomb's evil spirits possessed Ash.

    Secondly, Galarian Corsola are pretty scary.

    Which obviously leads to the last and final reason:

    THEY'RE ALL SCARY (Well, not all of them, but most of them are)
  • Place 3
    Dragon typing
    Yeah, I did not expect to put this one either. However, I chose this type for as many reasons as I can put:

    1) They're actually stronger than I thought. The strongest dragon type move, in my opinion, is dragon pulse. It looks pretty cool and colourful (and even attractive to the eyes!) and it deals quite a lot of damage to the opponent! (The second strongest dragon type move in my opinion is draco meteor. That move also causes a lot of damage to the opponent)

    2) Look where they got Iris and Cynthia! Champions of their respective regions and the Masters 8 all at the same time (Pokemon Ultimate Journeys)!

    And that's about it...

  • Place 2
    Fighting typing
    Everyone who has watched the Pokémon anime and/or played the Pokémon games knows how strong fighting type Pokémon are and how much damage they deal to opposing Pokémon, I don't really need to give any reasons for this.
  • Place 1
    This has been my favourite type since the Pokémon anime gym battles (even the psychic gym leaders themselves) and the anime in general because it's the coolest type I have ever seen. These are my top psychic Pokémon gym battles from worst to best. (Sorry, I won't be giving reasons why they are the worst/best in my opinion, but if you have watched the episodes that these battles take place in - which I will input, you will probably or may not get an idea as to why)

    1) WORST: Ash vs Sabrina (Saffron Gym Leader - Kanto) Season 1, Episode 21, REMATCH IN Episode 23

    2) Ash vs Tate & Liza (Mossdeep Gym Leaders - Hoenn) Season 8 - Episode 8

    3) BEST: Ash vs Olympia (Anistar Gym Leader - Kalos) Season 18 - Episode 45

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