Top 10 best movies for children of all time

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When parents want children to view movies.. but good ones it is hard to find.. but her I jot down 10 movies that are going to give you suggestions about what movie your teen or toddler shall watch.. it fits both..

  • Place 10
    10. I would like to suggest

    A Hotel For Dogs
    It is a good movie as it not only shows the love of a brother and sister.. but also shows you how the two.. with other friends create a hotel for dogs...

    But discreetly

    The thing is that these two children are orphans and their foster parents hate them. They were threatened about losing a home.. but still made this hotel for dogs
  • Place 9
    9. For no. 9 the best would be

    Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
    This is about 3 siblings.. whose parents die of a fire out of nowhere. They are then given in care of an evil count.. who is after their money... who kills their relatives one by one (but it is a good movie for children.. scenes not showed) but in the end Violet the oldest sister, Klaus the middle brother and Sunny the last sister with all their special abilities.. save themselves
  • Place 8
    8. I would suggest this movie for teenage girls..
    You decide after reading the explanation

    Minor Details
    4 teenage girls in a dormitory school with 4 other boys try to solve a mystery.. why is every one puking in the school?

  • Place 7
    The rest of the movies I give are 7+...

    Bruno and Boots: Go Jump In The Pool.
    To rival boys hostel's students as well as principals who constantly compete with each other.. one being the one with naughty kids also takes help from a neighbouring girls hostel... this one is about a pool race
  • Place 6
    As for no.6

    A movie where two brothers go to a haunted camp.. rather than going to a boot camp... there they bring a zombie to life.. which creates more and more zombies... until them and their new friends finally find out a way to stop the apocalypse.
  • Place 5
    We are down only 5 more..

    New York Minute
    Two twin Girls.. one a nerd the other a complete musical person.. who totally hate each other.. end up stuck trying to help each other.. one helping the other to get a job and the other trying to get a mechanical chip out of a dog's stomach.. also helping her sister hide from a teacher coming to find her.... in all this adventure they finally find out how it is to love each other and be there for each other.

  • Place 4
    4. Matilda
    This movie is suitable for all ages.
    A walking living calculator.. a girl with whole lot of knowledge.. a girl who could read big novels at the age 4.. but a girl with parents and sibling who didn't acknowledge who she was.. finally she finds a school with a principal as same as her parents but a teacher who understands her... wait until she finds her true future
  • Place 3
    3. My babysitter is a vampire

    Moving to 7+
    Two nerd boys set on an adventure to find why almost everyone at their school is turning into a vampire.. making friends with a young vampire who does not want to be one.. they go on further until everything is revealed
  • Place 2
    Harry Potter series
    A magical boy.. with a troubling past. With a troubling future. But with 2 best friends and many good teachers. While an old Voldemort tries to kill this young lad.. he saves everybody and with the help of his friends.. Voldemort can't even touch him.. trust me after watching the series or reading the books.. a whole new world will open for you.
  • Place 1
    1. Lately my favourite

    This young orphan.. living in the clocks of a train station finds out a automaton.. which he repairs with the help of a girl.. whose grandpa holds the secrets to this boys past.. with many many difficulties... he finally gets what he wants.. a family.. a future.. and finds out his past.

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1494 days ago
I love Harry Potter and hotel for dogs
1679 days ago
ILOVEHotel For Dogs.
1881 days ago
the only ones i have heard of are harry potter and matilda. i luv matilda
2094 days ago
nice movies.. will try some
2183 days ago
good list! maybe i will try them too! :D