Best animated Disney movies!

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I love Disney. And these are my favorites! In no particular order.

  • Place 10
    The little mermaid
    My mom’s favorite
  • Place 9
    The emperor’s new groove
    Hilarious and so good!
  • Place 8
    One of the best movies ever.

  • Place 7
    The Lion King
    SO GOOD!
  • Place 6
    This one is newer. It’s a great movie.
  • Place 5
    Pretty good.

  • Place 4
    Pretty good, not the BEST I must say.
  • Place 3
    Yeah, I know not everyone likes this movie anymore. But I still do!
  • Place 2
    Peter Pan
    An old, but good, movie.
  • Place 1
    Beauty and the beast
    Good movie.

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405 days ago
Well, it’s Disney/Pixar so I count it. :)
Also this list has probably changed a little bit for me.
488 days ago
Heh Brave Was Made By Pixar But I Guess It Still Counts As Disney
702 days ago
Frozen 3 is going to be really awkward if the rumors are true... Elsa? With a girlfriend? of all relationships to give her...?!?! And Anna pregnant?!
759 days ago
No, I haven’t. What is it?
760 days ago
Have you read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
760 days ago
I don’t know,I just don’t really like cartoons in general.

LittleDoYouKnow,that’s cool, I’m like an eighth German!
761 days ago
I read a lot too. Except I usually get library books instead of buying them. And kindle books. I looove my kindle. I have like forty books on that thing, it’s crazy!❤️❤️❤️❤️
762 days ago
My dad does go crazy on these roads... 😂😂
I like resale stores. I read a lot so it’s cheaper to buy books in such kind of stores.
I do talk a lot too, and I like using emojis too. When I’m speaking English I am saying “like” also way too often. Hehe
762 days ago
Where I live we don’t have many malls. We have a Walmart. We don’t live in a super populated area either, or Florida, so that’s part of it. We actually live in the country. My favorite stores are the resale stores. In books and movies and stuff people act like thrift stores are “bad”, but I think they’re awesome.
Wow I don’t know what bread that was! Maybe it’s different eating it your whole life. Like maybe if I had your bread I would think it’s way better than ours.
I do talk kind of a lot. And I know I say certain words a lot. Like “a lot”, and “like”. And I love emojis, even when I’m just writing and not typing I still draw them in.
It’s pretty interesting to see what you think of America. And you can drive as fast as you want? Wow. My dad would go crazy on those roads.
763 days ago
Okay i dunno what autocorrection did. with this sentence.
I meant: this thing what you call bread.

And I wanna add: I dunno if these malls are everywhere. I normally visit Florida and there are a lot of malls
763 days ago
Yes I’ve been to America. I mean yes there are differences. This thing what zoo “bread”... It’s nothing like bread. As a German it’s almost an insult. I absolutely hate eating bread here. But when I am back after three weeks of eating bread and bagels in America this is the most tasteful thing EVER!
Also you Americans tend to excuse yourselfs a lot. Like if I run into an American they would excuse but actually I was the one running into them. In Germany we only say: “sorry” and that’s enough. But you tend to talk A LOT. It’s pretty funny actually.
Also things like shopping malls are pretty rare here. There are single shops you can go into. It’s normally in a street in the middle of a city.
But you have all of these malls. I love going there! Here are some malls but it’s rather rare. Maybe you heard of German highways. You can drive as fast as you wanna.
I think there are a lot more differences.
It’s probably a cultural thing I dunno.
763 days ago
Also, sorry, but I love cheeseburgers. And chicken nuggets and all that good stuff. And McDonald’s
763 days ago
Hmm. That’s interesting. And you know way more languages than me, I only speak English, song lyrics, and movie quotes.😁
So you’ve been to America, right? Are there differences between Germany and the USA? I have never been to Germany. My mom went there, and my dad might have. It would be cool, though.
You know what’s funny? My parents went somewhere, and PEOPLE KNEW WHICH STATE THEY WERE FROM BY THEIR “ACCENT”! To me that is crazy because I think I sound perfectly normal and we are not a southern state or anything. It’s crazy.
764 days ago
God I am kinda stupid it’s Spanish. I know. Don’t come for me I am so sorry. I mean you can not talk a country.
764 days ago
Yes these videos are kind of funny but at some point it’s just annoying when people think we just randomly shout SCHMETTERLING! (means Butterfly) just because of this videos.
Actually here it is normal to learn a lot of languages. I learn German (obviously), English (also obvious), French and I am going to learn Spain next year. Not everyone is learning Spain but at least in my area we all learn English And French as foreign languages.
Actually I hate pretty much all of the stuff which is typical for Germany. A lot of this stuff is meat and since I am a vegetarian, I don’t eat it.
Germany is indeed a pretty hard language, even if you speak it your whole life. I mean yes it is easier to write such a long text in German than it is in English but I am still SO bad in German grammar.
764 days ago
Yes I have seen some of those videos. They are kind of funny, but why would you shout all the time?
My opinion of German is that it’s harder to pronounce than English. At least if you haven’t spoken it your whole life. I only know English, but I will have to learn another language soon for school. When you think about it, Americans are pretty lazy, everyone else seems to learn two languages.
A lot of people around the area I live are German. And our state is known for beer, but my family doesn’t drink it either. We do looove the other food product our state is known for.😉

Ravenclaw how can you not like Disney?!
765 days ago
When I am in America, people often come to us and say: Oh do they speak German? My (grand)father spoke German. Sometimes these people can even speak a little German, that's always very interesting
I got one question: How do you feel about the German language?
I'm pretty sure that many Americans think that German is a very aggressive language, but it's actually not.
I don't really like German as a language either, I prefer to speak English, but I still think it's stupid to post videos on YouTube where everybody makes fun of our language and shows the Germans with a glass of beer in their hands and Lederhosen.
I for my part hate Lederhosen and beer.
I also do not shout around (only when I am angry).
What I wanna know is: Do all the Americans think Germans are aggressive People? Because if yes: no we aren’t.

@Sexy Ravenclaw What?? 😂 how is this even possible? I LOVE Disney
765 days ago
I don’t really like disney😂
765 days ago
I think it’s interesting how different people feel about the Frozen movies. It’s nice to meet people who still like the first movie even though it was way over-hyped.
Ooh you’re German? That’s cool. I am most definitely American. But I am mostly German in heritage. My grandpa’s family could actually speak German.
766 days ago
Actually I love the first one. I still love the first one. As somebody grown up in Germany I can not tell how much it was hyped in America. It was probably as much as it was here but I don’t know.
I can understand what you mean with “the original” and that’s why I was so surprised I liked the second one better. Normally the following ones are always worse.
I actually think it’s more my style I mean I’ve grown a bit from the first to the second movie.