Ranking 13 Disney Princes

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Note: I also added Kristoff, Simba, & Hercules even though they aren’t official Disney princes but I think they should be so ya know lol

  • Place 13
    Prince Florian (Snow white and the seven dwarfs)
    Like let’s start with
    1) He sees a dead girl in the woods and just decided to kiss her like EWWWW
    2) Snow White was what... 14? Like bruh
    Also he’s boring
  • Place 12
    Prince Charming (Cinderella)
    Listen to me Cinderella don’t marry a man who can’t remember your face and has to try a shoe on every girl in the kingdom like no you can do better girl.
  • Place 11
    John Smith ( Pocahontas )
    I never really liked him, she was too good for him.

  • Place 10
    Prince Phillip (Sleeping beauty)
    If some girl is in the woods and says she’s not supposed to talk to strangers please respect her.
    But he did wake her up so that’s good.
  • Place 9
    Li Shang (Mulan)
    I don't know he’s kind of stupid I don't even know I just... meh
  • Place 8
    Simba (The lion king)
    He would be higher but he just needed to go for it you know we’ve all heard can you feel the love tonight like dude she’ll love you for who you are.

  • Place 7
    Eric (The little mermaid)
    I would be offended if you chose a sea witch over be to be honest. And then just act like everything is okay?
  • Place 6
    Aladdin (Aladdin)
    He’s a liar... 😡
    But still ends up good so ya know
  • Place 5
    Hercules (Hercules)
    I don't know he just cool and I like him and Meg together.
  • Place 4
    Prince Naveen (Princess and the frog)
    In my opinion he is a bit self centered sometimes but in the end he pretty cool.

  • Place 3
    Prince Adam (Beauty and the beast)
    He loves Belle so much and I’m just like 🥺
  • Place 2
    Flynn Rider (Tangled)
    He's cool to be honest and like our girl Rapunzel loves him so I guess we got to support them
  • Place 1
    Kristoff (Frozen)
    He loves Anna so much and is truly worried about her and like I want my future husband to be like him he amazing

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757 days ago
Wait, let’s not forget. Florian was also 31
859 days ago
Pretty good list except prince philip and aladdin should be higher up there. Also I would say Flynn rider should be the 1st But kristoff do be babe
989 days ago
I totally agree with this! Except I don't think Li Shang is stupid, but his role as military officer does kind of get in the way of personality.
990 days ago
Omg same girl same! Also sorry if I said you’re a girl and you’re a boy and if you’re a girl ignore that last thing 🥺😅