Ariana Grande Sweetener Songs Worst to Best

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Everyone has an opinion on Ariana Grande's album, Sweetener. Here are the songs worst to best in mine.

  • Place 15
    This song has easy to forget lyrics and I just think it could be better.
  • Place 14
    Get Well Soon
    This song pretty much has the same comments as R.E.M. Easy to forget lyrics and could use some improving.
  • Place 13
    This song doesn't really have a bad rating in my heart. It is easy to remember, good, just needs improving.

  • Place 12
    This song needs more. I think it could be better with a better instrumental and I think it needs a couple different lyrics and it would have maybe ranked higher.
  • Place 11
    Goodnight n Go
    This song kind of reminds me of loving someone and you just adore them but they give you a feeling they need to leave. It is just phenomenal and it deserves a higher ranking, but I have other songs that need higher rankings.
  • Place 10
    Pete Davidson
    This song is great, I just want an extended time length. I t reminds me of Raindrops (An Angel Cried), just a little longer. That is my only complaint.

  • Place 9
    Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
    This song has the same comments as Pete. Longer length! It would have definitely risen.
  • Place 8
    I like this song, incredible lyrics and instrumental, I just wish it had no rap. If it were solo, it would have given more awe.
  • Place 7
    This song is great! I had an amazing experience with it, and it just had me pleased as soon as she sung the chorus.
  • Place 6
    The Light is Coming
    This song could have been better with the rap not right when you enter the song, if it were later, I would have been more pleased. But overall, great work!

  • Place 5
    Every single time I hear this song, it reminds me of avoiding someone, but you're really lying to yourself because you actually can't get enough of them! She gives such a thorough story through the song.
  • Place 4
    Better Off
    This song is so beautiful even though she is singing about being better without someone. It gives me a good feeling that you don't need to depend on someone to be strong and that you can be strong while you are alone and independent.
  • Place 3
    No Tears Left to Cry
    This song leaves me feeling amazing. The music video is so freaky, but the song sounds like an angel just came down from heaven just to sing a three and a half song. With this song, opposites really do attract!
  • Place 2
    This song sounds so good, I even sometimes listen to it a couple more times! It stops and leaves me thinking that I just need to keep breathing and I will be left carefree. Great work!
  • Place 1
    God is a Woman
    This song rises above the rest, giving me an opportunity to think girls can rule the world if we stay as strong as rocks. Nothing can break or melt us. We are so stable, its as if we keep the world spinning. It gives so many people feeling as though they are gods just from a song.

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1429 days ago
meh i think sweetener was the worst but gj on the list ig
1548 days ago
This is great work! Debra really seems like she loves the album and enjoys the songs!