8 Best Wham! Songs! Is Your Personal Favorite Wham Song Here?

A lot of you remember the lovable '80s pop group Wham! with old school friends George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Back then, the music video was king and Wham! shared the top spots on the music charts with giants like David Bowie. That bubblegum feeling was still fresh and new, and a careless whisper was one of the worst things that ever could happen to you! Which do you think were the best songs of Wham? Let's go back to the days before the amazing solo career of George Michael and find out! Your personal favourite Wham songs - and maybe even some underrated songs - are probably here! Just pure genius lyrics all around!

  • Place 8
    "Bad Boys" (Fantastic - 1983)
    "Bad Boys" (Fantastic - 1983)
    From the catchy chorus to the bouncy verses, this song ranks at Number 8. The strong lead vocals, instruments, and expression show that this song deserves ranking on this list. It's one of their most underrated songs, imo
  • Place 7
    "Club Tropicana" (Fantastic - 1983)
    The driving crescendos in the chorus to the a cappella at the end bring this song to a Number 7 ranking. You feel like you're actually dancing the night away in a place like Club Tropicana.
  • Place 6
    "Freedom" (Make It Big - 1984)
    From the keyboards to the instruments to the horns to the vocals to the lyrics...this awesome song deserves to be on your Wham! playlist, if it's not already. A pretty decent song overall - if not one of their very best songs.

  • Place 5
    "Everything She Wants" (Make It Big - 1984)
    A song very different from other Wham! songs due to its overall sad vibe. I rank it Number 5. The deep voice of Andrew Ridgeley, the strong lead voice of George Michael and great background vocals combine well, and all instruments flow nicely, especially the percussion.
  • Place 4
    "Last Christmas" (Music From the Edge of Heaven - 1986)
    "Last Christmas" (Music From the Edge of Heaven - 1986)
    Starting with the very well-produced intro and ending with the classic 80s fade, this song ranks at Number 4. This is one of the most recognizable and beloved Christmas songs of all time. It has aged well, too! "Last Christmas" has re-entered the charts every year consecutively since 2007, which should speak for itself.
  • Place 3
    "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (Make It Big - 1984)
    "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (Make It Big - 1984)
    Where do I begin? This is probably the most well-remembered and iconic Wham! song. It ranks here at Number 3. The chorus is memorable, and the whole song is fun to listen to - even if you don't know exactly what it means. The backup vocals are on point, and the horns in the bridge could not be better.

  • Place 2
    "Careless Whisper" (Make It Big - 1984)
    "Careless Whisper" (Make It Big - 1984)
    Best known for its iconic, sexy saxophone line, this song ranks at Number 2. But it's more than just a saxophone that put this song where it is today. The meaningful lyrics (which George Michael would disagree with, but you have to admit they're good), to the thought behind the whole song, this is one of the greatest Wham! songs ever.
  • Place 1
    "I'm Your Man" (Music from the Edge of Heaven - 1986)
    "I'm Your Man" (Music from the Edge of Heaven - 1986)
    Now, Number One! My favourite Wham! song of all time! The simple but motivating instrument lines are a good place to start praising this song. The saxophone, the tambourine, the horns, the keyboards... everything is perfectly thought-out. You can't listen without dancing in some way. A very happy, catchy song indeed. This was one of Wham!'s biggest hits, for good reason. It's a very great song!

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1456 days ago
I could not agree more with your feedback, FannyPack! Wham! and George Michael are definitely my favorites. I was thinking of adding Young Guns, Wham Rap, and the other songs you mentioned, but since this was a top 8 list I decided to narrow it down. Glad you liked it!
1464 days ago
I was so excited to see this list on the front page of this site!!!! Wham! has to be my most favorite band of all time, and George Michael is definitely my favorite artist. Personally I would've also added Ray of Sunshine, Wham! Rap, Young Guns, and Edge of Heaven too... but this is a really great list, and I'm so happy that there is someone out there who loves Wham! just as much as me! :)
1467 days ago
I hope you all agree with me. As a big Wham! fan, I tried my very best to rank the singles as best as I could.