Songs to help with self hate!

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I suggest all of these if you are suffering!

    -Well Done: The Afters

    - God's not done with you: Tauren Wells

    -Hope in front of me: Danny Gokey

    -Why God: Austin French

    -Breathe: Jonny Diaz

    -Beautiful day: Jamie Grace

    -Warrior: Hannah Kerr

    -Breakup Song: Francesca Battistelli

    -If you died tonight: Big Daddy Weave

    -I know: Big Daddy Weave

    -Priceless: King and County

    -God only knows: King and County

    -Shoulders: King and County

    Come Rest: Band Reeves.

    That's all y'all, I hope these help!

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Comments (10)


1082 days ago
I'm gonna to these right now!
1083 days ago
Lol never heard of any of ‘em!
1094 days ago
I really like that song too!
1094 days ago
Can I als o suggest "Beautiful Things" by Gungor...
1094 days ago
All these songs rock!
1095 days ago
All good songs
1095 days ago
I know most of those songs! Some if them are my favorites! (I don't hate myself, I was just curious)
1096 days ago
That's one of my favorite songs too!
1096 days ago
I like the song 'I Know' it's one of my favorites!
1097 days ago
Hope in front of me has really made an impact on my life! It is now my favorite song!