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This is my ranking of the songs off Taylor Swift's 7th studio album, Lover
Tell me YOUR favorites off Lover:)

  • Place 18
    It's nice to have a friend
    Okay, don't kill me. It's not the best song from Lover. It's not the best Taylor song. I usually skip it unless I feel like listening to it or I'm listening to the whole album.
  • Place 17
    False god
    This one has a really cool sound but it's a grower. I usually skip it but it's a good song.
  • Place 16
    The archer
    PLEASE DON'T KILL ME this song is amazing I just personally think the others are better that's just my opinion but it's a good song!

  • Place 15
    I forgot that you existed
    I love this song, I feel like it could've been better though the production on it feels very small or something. It could've been so much more.
  • Place 14
    DON'T HURT ME It's so good I just like others more. This song is beautiful though.
  • Place 13
    This one grew on me. It's a grower, so you might think I'm crazy but you just have to get into it.

  • Place 12
    Miss Americana and the heartbreak prince
    The story in this one is beautiful I can listen to it and see a story and the sound is so gorgeous, I love this one!
  • Place 11
    Soon you'll get better
    This was the 2nd Taylor song I got obsessed with it's beautiful and the story behind it is so sad. This song is amazing.
  • Place 10
    Paper rings
    Okay, so the top 10 is very hard to rank because all of these are so good they are pretty much tied.
    I LOVE THIS ONE it's SO CUTE gives me stay stay stay vibes lol
  • Place 9
    I don't care what everyone says, this is a good song in my opinion it's the 3rd one I got obsessed with. I love yelling HEY KIDS SPELLING IS FUN

  • Place 8
    You need to calm down
    I feel like ME! and You Need To Calm Down are equals but I had to put one in front so I picked this one. It's such a fun bop and just when you feel chill.
  • Place 7
    I think her knows
    THIS SONG IS UNDERRATED it's so good. Gives me the vibes of Selena Gomez's "Hands to myself" with a beat but then with Taylor's up beat pop in it.
  • Place 6
    The Man
    OMG yes girl. This song is such a bop. I love the music and the lyrics and it's just a masterpiece.
  • Place 5
    London boy
    This is the song that got me into Taylor Swift. It's so cute and I know who it's about and that's just so cute omg.
  • Place 4
    Death by a thousand cuts
    Well this one is just heart wrenching. It's a beautiful song and the acoustic version is.... oh my.... too beautiful for words
  • Place 3
    Cruel summer
    This was #1 played song in 2020 lol. It's so good! I feel like it's grown on me a lot. The bridge is the best part. This song deserved a music video
    (The greatest films of all time were never made...)

  • Place 2
    Cornelia street
    Words can't describe my love for this masterpiece. AND THE ACOUSTIC LIVE OMG
  • Place 1
    This is my all time favorite song ever! It's so pretty, I want this song played at my wedding.

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