Ranking Red (Taylor’s Version)

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This is my song ranking of Red (Taylor’s Version) (I did not include Ronan because it’s too emotional to rank)

  • Place 29
    State of Grace (Acoustic)
    I love the original state of grace and this one but because they’re similar and I prefer the other one this version gets last place.
  • Place 28
    Come back... be here
    I know this is a lot of people’s favorites but I never cared for it and I still do not, but it’s still a good song.
  • Place 27
    The lucky one
    Again, this is a lot of people’s favorite but I never have cared for it, it’s still very good though.

  • Place 26
    Nothing New
    This was my least favorite of the vault tracks even though I still think it’s excellent and very creative.
  • Place 25
    Sad Beautiful Tragic
    I don’t listen to this one often enough to give it a higher ranking:(
  • Place 24
    All too well
    I love this one but I do not listen to it often because we have the ten minute one

  • Place 23
    I love a Taylor and Ed collaboration just as much as everyone else but this one is still growing on me
  • Place 22
    Forever winter
    So this one doesn’t really stick out to me except the trumpets if it were not for those trumpets I would not rank this song this high
  • Place 21
    Girl at home
    I know the original of this song wasn’t very good it sounded like a demo but she has completely re made it and it sounds a lot better now
  • Place 20
    Holy Ground
    This one is slowly growing on me, I don’t listen to it often but I like it when it do

  • Place 19
    State of Grace
    I love state of grace I just love the others more but this song is really good
  • Place 18
    Message in a bottle
    This and the next two songs are all tied in my opinion but I love this song it gives me sweeter than fiction vibes
  • Place 17
    I bet you think about me
    I love a sarcastic and angry Taylor Song. My favorite lyrics are about his organic shoes and his million dollar couch lol
  • Place 16
    I love this being her song, I never cared for the original but I love this version
  • Place 15
    The moment I knew
    I love this one it’s so sad and it tells such a good story
  • Place 14
    Begin again
    This one just recently grew on me and I love it

  • Place 13
    Everything has changed
    This is such a cute song and my favorite Taylor and Ed collaboration
  • Place 12
    This used to be one of my favorite Taylor songs and even though it’s not in my top ten anymore I still love it
  • Place 11
    I knew you were trouble
    I wish she would’ve recorded it like the 1989 tour version but I still love this one
  • Place 10
    Such a good song it’s so fun

  • Place 9
    I almost do
    This one also just grew on me and the bridge is my favorite part
  • Place 8
    Stay stay stay
    I don’t know why people hate on this one I love it
  • Place 7
    The very first night
    This is one of my favorite vault tracks
  • Place 6
    The last time
    I used to not like this one and I don’t know how because I love it now
  • Place 5
    We are never ever getting back together
    Gotta love this one it’s a classic
  • Place 4
    Such an underrated song it’s so fun

  • Place 3
    Better man
    This is such an amazing song I couldn’t believe she didn’t record this sooner
  • Place 2
    I love how she re-recorded this one it sounds so good
  • Place 1
    All too well (10 minute version)
    You already know all the reasons this is the best track

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