Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” ranked

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Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour came out on my birthday! Sorry that was random.

  • Place 11
    Least good:

    Favourite Crime.

    Still a great song, and everyone has their own opinions, but this one isn’t very memorable.
  • Place 10
    Jealousy, jealousy.
    A good song, but I didn’t really like the tune. The lyrics are really good though.
  • Place 9
    Enough for you.
    I’m going to stop with explanations now.

  • Place 8
    1 step forwards, 3 steps back.
  • Place 7
    Deja Vu
  • Place 6

  • Place 5
    Hope you're ok.
  • Place 4
    Drivers licence
  • Place 3
  • Place 2

  • Place 1
    Good 4 u
    Okay, everything about this song is amazing! 😍

    If anyone hasn’t heard the album yet I suggest you listen! It has got swearing in it though.

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