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    It feels like a nice name. It's a flower and its nice for a soft, shy, girl.
  • Place 9
    It sounds cool! The name means "star". It's taken from the word "estrella" in Spanish.
  • Place 8
    Kaitlyn Abigail
    It's my name. It means pure joy. Abigail means Father's Joy. Her father's pure joy. That's my name.

  • Place 7
    I'm unsure why but it seems like an awesome name!
  • Place 6
    Leah. A nice casual sounding name. Pretty popular. My best friend's name is Leah. She's a spunky, sporty, energetic half-tomboy like me!
  • Place 5
    Joshua Mark Abraham
    It's inspired by the Bible of course. Joshua is his first name and he has two middle names. It sounds sophisticated and special!

  • Place 4
    Arron or Aaron
    Aaron seems like an awesome name. It's also from the Bible.
  • Place 3
    One of my favorites. I love the name... It sounds beautiful.
  • Place 2
    Luna. It means moon. It's a Spanish name. It's amazing and beautiful.

    For the superstitious or worried... If you name your child Luna she (probably) won't be a LUNAtic.
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55 days ago
These are so cute.
924 days ago
Stella comes from the italian word "stella" for star
1218 days ago
it makes me feel calm and safe idk why tho
1229 days ago
hi kaity, i can’t seem to find the book club? Could u tell me where it is?
1232 days ago
Im obsessed with Ivy because of the show carmen sandiego!
1232 days ago
I love this!!!!!!!!!!
1233 days ago
Hiello Kaity! These are nice names. I used the name Lily for 2 things I've (started) writing
1234 days ago
I hope u like there namesssss