Top 10 Bushtrucker Trials

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Here Are My Top 10 Bushtrucker Trials!

  • Place 10
    Fill Your Face EXTREME
    Just Looking At Normal Fill Your Face Might Freak You Out But It Got Really Intense When Pat Sharp & Fatima Withbread Done This Trial In Series 11 When It Got To Fatima's Turn A Cocroach Got Stuck In Her Nose But The Loser Off This Trial Would Leave The Jungle Which Was Pat.
  • Place 9
    Deathly Burrows
    This Trial Was SUPER Scary Katie Price Had To Go Around The Tunnel Filled With Cocroaches, Crickits & Mealoworms When She Was In A Tunnel Part Water Came On Her Rapidly & She Couldn't Breath Making Her Say: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here! (Series 9)
  • Place 8
    Hand Glider From Hell
    In Series 13 Amy Willerton Had To Be Locked In A Box In The Sky Full Of Cocroaches Un-Knoting Stars And When Her Time Was Up The Floor Dropped

  • Place 7
    Vile Venyard
    This Trial In Series 14 Melaine, Teincy, Foggy & Jimmy Had To Spin A Bottle On A Table & If It Landed On Them They Had To Drink A Bushtucker Pint To Earn Meals
  • Place 6
    Snake Strike
    In Series 4 Janet-Street Porter Had To Stick Her Hand In A Box With Logs & Snakes In The Box They Were Stars Alltough She Did Get Bitten By A Few Snakes
  • Place 5
    Panic Pit Part.2
    In Series 15 Lady Colin Campbell Refused A Trial Called Panic Pit Later That Series Ferne Mc Cann Had To Re-Do Her Trial & She Was Buried Alive For 10 Minutes With Snakes Near The End One Wrapped Around Her Neck, A Carpet Phyton The Deadlist Snake In The World!

  • Place 4
    Hell Holes
    In Series 4 Paul Burrel Had To Stick His Hand In Holes Un-Screwing Stars But They Were Rats, Ells & Snakes In Those Holes With Outbursts Were Hilarious!
  • Place 3
    In The Final In 2006 Mylenne Klass Had To Sing Embarrassing Pop Songs While Covered In Jungle Treats, Even Though It Looked Scary She Was Laughing
  • Place 2
    Bushtrucker Bonanza
    This Trial Is Really Famous They Play It At Least Once A Series They Have A Choise Of Jungle Food Or Proper Food Making This Trial Really Tempting Because The Celebs Are Starving!
  • Place 1
    The Snakes Are High
    In The Most Resent Series 17 Gorgiea "Toff" Toffolo Had To Endure A Nail-Biting 9 Minites In A Box In The Sky With Over 40 Carpet Phytons Amazingly She Got 9/9 Stars Well Done Toff!

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