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Attractions are generally very safe (one hundred times safer than driving a car and a thousand times safer than flying). The accidents are sorted in stupidity. Most accidents are in Six Flags parks, because these parks have the wildest attractions. But if an accident ever happens to it, it is gigantic in the media. The blame is always placed at the attraction: "Boy wounded by attraction" and that kind of titles, 90% just happens by stupid people (with other accidents is that too, 70% in traffic and 99% with fireworks).

PS. I'm a Dutchman so sorry for my bad English grammar.

  • Place 20
    Six Flags Magic Mountain – Santa Clarita, United States of America
    In lower places we always see big companies (can happen). This park has the roller coaster Ninja, this is a hanging roller coaster where the gondolas swing along trees. There was recently a problem: a branch had fallen over the rails, which caused the derrick train to derail. 4 people have been wounded, fortunately no deaths yet, but it is an accident.
  • Place 19
    Six Flags Saint Louie – St. Louis, United States of America
    This is a little bizarre and lugubrious accident. A 13-year-old girl sat in the Superman: Tower of Power (Power Tower, or what's the name of that thing?). The cable from the freefall tower broke and she had to have her feet amputated. The girl is still alive, but she no longer has feet.
  • Place 18
    Expoland – Suita, Japan
    Unfortunately, Expoland has been closed since 2007. Fujin Raijin II was a roller coaster and once had a lugubrious accident. The rollercoaster train did not have enough power to get to the lift hill. There were 35 people, 1 woman died and the other 34 people were seriously injured.

  • Place 17
    Galaxy Land – Edmonton, Canada
    For this accident we go to the Mindbender. This is a Schwarzkopf roller coaster with short roller coaster trains. An accident occurred a few months after the opening. The rear cart could not get enough speed to get the last loop (he has three of them). The occupants clashed completely against a concrete post and they instantly died (I can also imagine that those were ugly minutes of your last day of life, it does not seem nice to me to experience).
  • Place 16
    Disneyland – Anaheim, United States of America
    This accident is also about a roller coaster, this time the Big Thunder Mountain. There is also a copy in Eurodisney in Paris which incidentally also happened to be an accident (there were some decor pieces down and 5 people were injured, this accident was just a little worse). The locomotive derailed so that the people themselves fell from the roller coaster, 1 person died and 9 other people were injured.
  • Place 15
    Toverland – Sevenum, Netherlands
    At the Expedition Zork (the Backstroke River back then) a boat was flown from the set in 2005. Probably the water level wasn’t good and the tree trunk flew way too far. Here are 2 wounded cases (maybe even some fooling, but it is pretty awkward if you're in it).

  • Place 14
    Liseberg – Göteborg, Sweden
    This is the accident with the Rainbow. This is a flying carpet that rotates and the bin normally stays straight. Once this tank broke off in one go and all people were staggered from the attraction and 18 persons were injured. After the accident this attraction has been removed, from many parks this attraction type has been removed and this attraction from HUSS (actually) no longer exists. There are still some traveling models and perhaps a smaller model in an amusement park, but these are then adjusted for the case this wouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Place 13
    Funfair – Versailles, France
    After this accident the attraction type was recalled to the factory and has had an adjustment, like the previous one in this list. A father sat with his son in the booster (this attraction can be found at almost every fairground, with boosters you hang in your chair, that chair is attached to an arm where the whole platform hangs to make it turn). That arm is broken so that they hang up against a concrete post, they died instantly. This happened at the maximum speed (62 mph!).
  • Place 12
    Universal Park – Orlando, United States of America
    At November 24, 2004, a 34-year-old woman was injured in her optical nerves in her right wrist, so she had to have 2 fingers amputated. How it happened was a bit ironic: it happened during the closing of the safety bar, then you close a safety bar for your safety and you lose your fingers.
  • Place 11
    Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington, United States of America
    After this accident happened very little is known about it. This happened at the New Texas Giant. There was a woman in, she was a little too fat for the attraction, she seems to have waved to the employee that she was not well stuck, the employee has ignored her and the roller coaster train sent the elevator hill. The woman has flown from the rollercoaster during the ride and died. Her son was with her in the roller coaster and her husband.

  • Place 10
    Funfair – Daun, Germany
    Two girls went into the slingshot (one was fourteen and the other was sixteen). There were three employees, two of whom were supposed to secure the visitors. The person in charge of the buttons did not pay attention: he thought they were stuck, but apparently he just pressed the button and the bungee was fired. The 14-year-old flew through the air, came down again and she was dead and the 16-year-old tumbled through the bungee and was seriously injured. This accident can’t be dedicated to the girls themselves, but it's very dumb of the employees. You simply can’t make these kinds of mistakes.
  • Place 9
    Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson, United States of America
    This is an accident from 1987, so that is already a classic. A girl of nineteen years has fallen from the Lightnin’ Loops roller coaster. She almost died, she could just be resuscitated and she is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. The employee who has to check the safety brackets did not do this and put the train into operation. Apparently you can’t pull the bar towards yourself and close it.
  • Place 8
    Holiday Park – Haβloch, Germany
    No idea how these kinds of accidents can all happen. A girl of eleven years saw a fence open and walked on and came under the Spinning Barrels. She was with her mother. But who does not say that that child or mother has opened the gate herself? Because then it is not locked and anyway, when a gate is open in amusement parks it does not automatically mean that you can walk on the ground, some people do that but you see what can happen.
    You always need to find contact with an employee who might say, "Come on, just find a place." That did not happen here. And in the newspapers of course "Girl died by Spinning Barrels", but she died because of the combination of circumstances through an open gate. On the side of the employee: how much time do you have to press the emergency button and aren't you already too late?
  • Place 7
    Six Flags Great America – Gurnee, United States of America
    This is actually another classic. It is about the Ragin 'Cajun that was reopened in 2014 in Six Flags America and closed in Great America since October 27, 2013. The roller coaster was opened on May 28, 2004 and the accident occurred on May 29, 2004 (alias, one day after the opening). It is just such a standard model wild mouse with rotating gondolas. However, 52-year-old Jack Brouse from Zion thought he could walk over the track while the track was in operation (and someone fifty-two years old may expect something more intelligent). He was hit by a cart and later died of his injuries at the hospital.
  • Place 6
    Walibi Flevo – Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
    These are perhaps children, but a child of fourteen, fifteen, sixteen years may know that you can’t climb over fences, they are not there for nothing. If there are attractions in "Staying while driving", then you just have to sit down. Child or no child, you are not retarded I thought (well, this girl definitely was retarded). In the end, the Rio Grande boat came up the lift hill and that girl was already out. She came with her foot between the lift hill and then her foot was pulled off. When this happened, the girl was ten years old, but then you know as a young teenager that you can’t get up before the end and if you aren't, you always have parents. Where are the parents in this story?
  • Place 5
    Six Flags Great America – Gurnee, United States of America
    A seventeen-year-old boy has been beheaded by a roller coaster. How can you do that? It's a hanging roller coaster (the only series of hanging roller coasters that have inversions, in hanging roller coasters it is similar to Dreamcatcher in Bobbejaanland and in reverse coaster with Monster in Walygator Parc or the Black Mamba in Phantasialand). The boy climbed over the fence and probably wanted to get something, something from his cell phone or cap, which he had lost in any case. The roller coaster train was coming, it hit his head full and its head was pounded off.

  • Place 4
    Funfair – Wassen, Germany
    A thirteen-year-old boy went to the fair and came home from the cold funfair. He was in an attraction (I do not know which one, because that does not indicate the message). The attraction was not finished with turning and he tried to get loose already and got stuck in his safety bar. Then he broke some things: the eye sockets were broken (and they were well restrained in any case), a concussion and other injuries to his head.
  • Place 3
    Six Flags Magic Mountain – Santa Clarita, United States of America
    This accident is a bit older than the most accidents in this list, so here comes another nice story. In this amusement park was a thirteen-year-old Rodney Stern. He jumped every time over the fence to jump into an empty cart and crawl in line, each time he went to the decor, he timed good and he was in the cart. Employees had warned him several times, but the boy is strongly wise.
    At a given moment the employee thought: We treat someone to an extra round.
    Rodney was back on track, but now because the roller coaster got an extra round he drove harder than usual. He made an error of judgment, he came under the roller coaster train, who jerked his legs off. They were apparently still on track and he was bleeding somewhere on that bonnet. He was taken to hospital and a few days later he was dead.
  • Place 2
    Efteling – Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
    The accident happened in the Gondoletta. That is the sailing, the test boat for the later built Fata Morgana (because the Gondoletta got good reception it existed and they are still there). You sit in a boat that is pulled by a steel cable and then you sail around for twenty minutes. How do you still get an accident (except with trees you pass by and a tree once caused an accident)? You put a bunch of young people in their heads who are not right. They went rocking with the boat, the boat turned around. An employee immediately jumps back. He had them on the side, three pieces, one is gone. Eventually they got him upstairs and he was resuscitated. But you just do not think this, you do not think of deliberately letting caps capsize because that is supposedly funny? These guys should have a fine on top of it.
  • Place 1
    Duinrell – Wassenaar, Netherlands
    A twenty-six-year-old woman has fallen off the toboggan run and then sues the amusement park. That you have an accident in a theme park because of your own stupid acts, I still think that is up to that. But if you then still have the guts to denounce theme parks because of your own stupidity, is really the height of being low. That is why this bitch is the top pick.

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CORRECTION: Six Flags Magic Mountain is at Valencia, not Santa Clarita.
858 days ago
Hey so you’re dutch? I am German! Pretty cool list but now I’m afraid of rollercoasters haha. Just kidding I still love them!
894 days ago
I used Google Translate for this and the facts were translated a little bit too serious and my Englsh grammar is not very good (I'm Dutch).
1021 days ago
@*Facepalm* You pronounce Wassenaar like [ˈʋɑsənaːr]
1278 days ago
@*Facepalm* You pronounce it like 'wasser naarr' (I know it's not a really bright spelling for pronounciation, but I can't make it much better), it's a place near The Hague.
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How do you pronounce Wassannaar?
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MISTAKE: reverse = inverted
1519 days ago
At #18, 19 people were HEAVY injured.
1520 days ago
It doesn't happen very often, but nobody wants to experience.