Top 11 tips on how to be flawless.

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This list will answer all your questions on how you can be flawless and super amazing!

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    Tune in.
    Tune in.
    Many wonder how celebs like Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Justin Skye get to look so flawless all the time... First things first!
    You've got to programme your mind! Visualise how you'll like your body to be and work on it. It doesn't matter if you don't feel it now, by the time you follow every tip on this list, You'll see it's pretty easy to look great and feel amazing too.
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    Before you look flawless... You have to get your wardrobe in order... Whether you're going to a mall or simply scrolling through Amazon.. Your wardrobe has to be on point. Get rid of the junk in your closet and get cool, trendy stuff! If you don't know what to buy, you can check out Pinterest and Pin your interest!
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    Dress up!
    Dress up!
    Now that your closet is on point!
    DRESS up! Don't be scared to try on new things. Be comfy in your skin and wear clothes that flatter your features.
    Irrespective of your body type, the way you dress says a lot about you.. look neat and trendy but not tacky!
    Don't forget shoes!
    You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes.

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    Eat properly.
    Eat properly.
    You cannot do without food. Eat the right amount of food that contains appropriate nutrients. Take a lot of fruits. This keeps your skin glowing and fresh!
    Don't starve yourself just because you want to be model thin! You end up losing the essential nutrients that prompt growth and fight against diseases.
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    Get some sleep!
    Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly! Sleeping gets your body in shape, keeps you refreshed and programmes your brain to achieve goals and complete tasks.
    When your brain is tired... You risk your health! Plus you'll be tired and get nothing done.
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    Make up!
    Make up!
    Make that face up. A lot of people say makeup is bad blah..blah... blah!
    Make-up isn't bad! In fact it's an enhancer of the beauty that already exists!
    Get the right type of makeup for your skin tone. Blend your foundation properly and you are good to go! Example of some makeup brands which are really good:
    - Nars
    - Mary Kay
    - Kylie
    - Black Opal
    - Iman
    - Black up
    - Maybelline
    - Huda.....

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    Your hair says a lot!
    Once your hair is on fleek you know you've got it right. Also, your hairstyle attracts different types of people! Fact!
    Get a good stylist, choose your preferred hairstyle and rock it with sass. Don't be afraid to explore lengths, colours and styles.. Soon you'll find the one that suits you! Xoxo
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    Just add water!
    The benefits of water are innumerable....
    Apart from the fact that it keeps you hydrated! It also keeps your skin glowing and is a health essential anywhere!
    Our bodies need at least 8 glasses of water daily! Water is life!
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    Get in shape!
    Have a plan for your body and stick to it. Do you want a slim waist? A wide bah-hind?
    There are so many exercises to do to give you, your desired body shape. It keeps you healthy. Don't think of it as work or something strenuous... Look at it as a hobby.
    You can take long walks or preferably Dance! It's super fun...
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    Skin care 101.
    Skin care 101.
    Have a skin care routine!
    Use good, skin friendly products! Visit the spa once or twice in two weeks for that amazing massage and skin pampering session!
    Seek advice from your dermatologist on what products to use. If you don't like it, Fix it!
    Get rid of unflattering scars and acne marks that lower your self esteem and body confidence! Kylie Jenner got rid of her low self esteem by changing what she didn't like! It's your body your rules!

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    Be confident!
    Be confident!
    This list is useless if you don't believe in yourself and love yourself. The stars we look up to today had to stand up and fight the limitations that dragged them down. Own your look! Nobody in the whole world looks the way you do! Find your spark and go for it... There's something about you that people can't steal! Own that smile! Own that imperfection! Own those odd pair of legs! They may be odd but at least they are yours! The world is waiting for your input!
    Eleanor Roosevelt said: Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent! Love∆xoxo
    Be you!

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305 days ago
how will this help? Anway if I were to see you I think you WOULD look flawles.
1270 days ago
I'm Wanda and I think this helped a lot now I won't look like a slut
1292 days ago
If you hadn't added that last one, I would've said that this was so superficial and stereotypical.Ya really saved yourself that
1309 days ago
1319 days ago
never mind then don't believe the truth

btw I do agree with the last one but don't be overly confident that is just wrong and will probably make people not like you
1320 days ago
i am ugly this helps
1321 days ago
I am flawless in my own wah. We all are.
1388 days ago
I'm good. But thanks!
1505 days ago
Thank you but I'm good
1628 days ago
No one is flawless, just like no one is perfect. Models and celebrities are fake. On Google, type in "Photoshoped Models" and look on the images. The secrets will be revealed
1784 days ago
I need to go exercise ;P.
1794 days ago
wow now i can live my best life cheers