Top 10 Best Presidents

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  • Place 10
    William Howard Taft (27)
    William Taft wasn't that much of a take-charge president, except in the category of trusts.I admire how despite his weight and the fact that Theodore Roosvelt was his precede, he managed to do good for America with an optimistic and friendly attitude.*Clapping*
  • Place 9
    James Monroe (5)
    James Monroe was a president whom I liked at first, but I began to regret putting him on here.He led to an era of prosperity, true, but also led the Americans into some deep debt problems.In spite of that flaw he was a well-balanced president that everyone loved.
  • Place 8
    James Madison (4)
    So this entry was not purely out of pity, but pity did contribute.Madison is not in the top 10 of many lists which left me feeling sad for him.He was a founding father, he was intelligent, he...are you guys not putting him in the top 10 because you are jealous?*Shakes head in shame*

  • Place 7
    Andrew Jackson (Ironically, 7)
    Jackson took action when times were a-tough in the USA.I mostly like him because he came from humble beginnings, and again, I am sad because he is usually ranked in the bottom half of lists.Also, at his inauguration party, he had to stay at a hotel because so many people came to the White House...
  • Place 6
    Ronald Reagan (40)
    He was a happy president with an interesting background.He was a lifeguard and a movie star.In his eight years of reign, he worked for so many good causes, but he would have been farther up had he done as much as his wife, Nancy, did.
  • Place 5
    James Garfield (20)
    James Garfield was a president who believed in hard work.He was unfairly assassinated by his friend because he thought he would get the job as senator because he and James went way back.James refused, because his friend did not work for the job.This just proves that he was a common man.

  • Place 4
    John .F. Kennedy (35)
    He was a man of integrity.He fought against discrimination.He saved a drowning person for crying out loud! Most people like him and I am no different.It is so sad that he was killed with no logical reasoning besides someone else having a different opinion than him.
  • Place 3
    Franklin Roosvelt (32)
    Franklin deified so many barriers.He was diagnosed with polio, leaving him unable to walk for more than half of his life.Yet, he still won presidential election, employed millions of people out of poverty, and almost got us out of the Great Depression.He was an amazing president.*Cries of joy*
  • Place 2
    Abraham Lincoln (16)
    WHAT? No, this is no mistake.Abraham Lincoln was a self-made person.Smart and hard working, he was an obvious choice for president.e lost, but persevered, an became the first ever Republican president.He ended slavery, and ended a war, and I could go on and on.But, he was beaten...
  • Place 1
    JIMMY CARTER! (39)
    He is criticized for the Afghanistan war, but that wasn't intentionally ignoring it.He was busy bringing peace between Egypt and Israel! He was modest, and he helps build Habitats for Humanity, and he refused special treatment that any average American would not get.He is my idol.Jimmy C, if you are reading this, thank you.*Sniffle*

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