15 things that make me different from other people

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I've always felt different from people, so yeah.

  • Place 11
    I stutter
    I also think stuttering is a disability. I'm going to use Steve Harvey's strategy, but I keep forgetting.
  • Place 10
    I think heavy metal and most rock sucks
    As much people like rock than pop music, and people say pop isn't "real" music which isn't true. I hate most metalheads, I only have few friends who are metalheads.
  • Place 9
    I like cliche teen movies.
    I like them, but people seem to hate them because of the bad acting, my favorites are F*** the Prom, Sierra Burgess is a loser, and Too all the boys I've love before (which is actually popular)

  • Place 8
    I know this is serious, and people might get angry but suicide is stupid.
    Yeah, I know I don't get your problems, you were given a life for a reason, and you shouldn't end it.
  • Place 7
    Soccer Sucks
  • Place 6
    I hate it when people take disabilities as a joke or bully people with disabilities
    Y'all know Eres has a disability right? That's why I kinda feel bad when people are mean to her. Also my sister (she doesn't get bullied though)

  • Place 5
    Dating in middle school is overrated and stupid
    No explanation needed.
  • Place 4
    I hate sprite
    I don't get how people like that stuff.
  • Place 3
    Taylor Swift sucks
  • Place 2
    I'm brutally honest
    Friend: Do you like my drawing
    Me: *quiet*
    Friend: It's great right!
    Me: *quiet and hints that it isn't good*

  • Place 1
    I don't think Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber are that bad.
    Justin made horrible songs in the past and might've had a bad reputation, but he makes good song, like I don't Care.

    Nicki Minaj I always hated her because everyone else did, until I actually listened to her music.

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84 days ago
I'm all of these, except for 10 and 4 (opinions about music can be different and I personally like Sprite, it's OK if you don't like any of these).
330 days ago
I am all of these except 4 and 3
413 days ago
I am also 11,10,9,7,6,2,1
522 days ago
I Agree With 10, And 6 Also SPRITE IS AWESOME
810 days ago
Like you are so right. HOW CAN YOU NOT HATE SPRITE? It’s awful
886 days ago
I totally agree with #5!
927 days ago
1000 days ago
I also agree with number 8 except I wouldn't use the word stupid but maybe... idk I dont have a big vocabulary 😅
1000 days ago
Number 5 is true. Idk what age middle school is for tho but when I was in primary school people were dating!!! Like srsly they didnt even know what love was!!!
1077 days ago
I agree with 6, 5, 4, and 3. Fellow Earthling, I hate sprite!
1120 days ago
Number 5, I agree with...
1187 days ago
How do you HATE sprite and soccer??? Although I agree with you on the Tailor Swift one