Top 10 Phobias You Might Have

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A phobia is an Anxiety Disorder classified by giving patients an intense, irrational fear of a specific situation.

These are the most common ones.How many do YOU know?

  • Place 10
    Do these eight-legged critters just send shivers up your spine? You might have arachnophobia!

  • Place 9
    (Closely packed holes)
    This phobia used to be rare, but it is becoming more common today.Look at this.


    Did you feel uncomfortable? Just sayin'...
  • Place 8
    No.Not heights.FALLING.There is a difference.



  • Place 7
    THERE it is! Happy now?


  • Place 6
    This is common, but only due to horror movies.They make the circus seem like a bad thing!
  • Place 5
    (Uncomfortable situations)
    Contrary to popular belief, it is not the fear of open/crowded spaces, but the fear of situations that may cause panic.

  • Place 4
    This is pretty scary.I mean, what if mid-flight, you fall?
  • Place 3
    Usually this roots from being attacked by a dog.
  • Place 2
    Because it is unlucky.
  • Place 1
    (Being buried alive)
    Does this one even NEED an explanation?

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117 days ago
I have a fear of bees and isects lol
224 days ago
is there a fear of lving ?
232 days ago
what if u were on a plane flying amnd falling and rrly high up and a clown and a spider was on the plane and everything had lots of holes in an uncomfortable situation on the 13th whilst being buried alive!1!!!11!1111!!11
331 days ago
My phobias are being buried alive and dogs. I dont know, they just give me the chills whenever I think about them!
654 days ago
Ok, I’ll think I can relate to every single one. Especially flying, like WHAT IF YOU ARE ON A PLANE AND IT FRICKING CRASHES
718 days ago
I feel like nobody has blood-injury-injection phobia. I recently think I have it but I'm not sure and there's no tests or anything on the internet and it's driving me crazy bc Idk if I'm overreacting or what's wrong with me
780 days ago
Nice list

I have anxiety that borders on agoraphobia, i think
And we found out like 4 or 5 months ago.
870 days ago
also blankly is a mirror pun
890 days ago
True I am a real 💑 for phobias.In the future I might make a part 2 or a new list.
958 days ago
What about the fear of being alone? They should put that on here.
I mean, is anyone else afraid of being alone in life with no one that cares about you?
990 days ago
Cereal, Falling, Spider's Eight Eyes, the sudden realisation that you will soon lose everyone and every thing you love.
1040 days ago
Spiders heights darkness fire snakes falling
1074 days ago
Okay spiders, not heights
1075 days ago
1085 days ago
Your name isn't that fear of peanut butter sticking your mouth shut?
1117 days ago
Spiders and heights...
1118 days ago
I have a Arachibutyrophobia
1124 days ago
Mirror fear that’s so creepy
1155 days ago
i think i have spectrophobia, a fear of mirrors to put it blankly... it has always been there, but it just now crossed my mind after having a nightmare about looking into a mirror, seeing the reflection of a stranger, turning around and them not being there, and when i finally turn back to the mirror i can still see them, and they pull in to strangle me. it happened in the downstairs bathroom of my old house in the dream, but it was on the wrong side of the hallway. i think it happened twice in the dream, however im unsure. i have been thinking about it all day and night, even though i know its irrational. i have a similar fear with tv's, that something might crawl out or appear to come get me. it probably stemmed from horror movies my parents or siblings watched when i was little, but having both a big mirror and a medium sized tv in my room is quite uncomfortable with the possibilities of these phobias... sorry, just had to get this out..
1170 days ago
I have a fear of something not classified as a phobia.